Amazon Prime in India Really Worth it for Rs.499 a Year?


Amazon Prime India Worth it or not?

Amazon Prime, a premium membership plan available to the customers which offer unlimited fast deliveries on eligible items, was introduced to India by the retail giant last year. Prime members can enjoy unlimited free one-day and two-day deliveries on the products that have a ‘Prime’ badge on them. More than that, the Prime members can order a product and get it on the same day by paying just Rs.50 extra to the order price. These fast delivery options are eligible to certain numbers of cities, which we will discuss later in this post. Prime membership costs Rs.499 in India right now and the validity of the membership is for 1 year.

The question is, is Amazon Prime in India really worth Rs.499 we are paying for one year in advance? The answer will really depend on how you normally shop online in a span of one year. But, to say whether the Amazon Prime really worth the price of Rs.499 in India, we have to dig more into the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership in India. So, let’s have a look at some of the Prime membership advantages and we can discuss whether those benefits are useful for you or not.

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Advantages Of Amazon Prime Membership in India

1. Unlimited Free One-Day and Two-Day Delivery

This will be a real worth for those who frequently shop on Amazon India. Amazon Prime members can choose for One-day and Two-day deliveries at free of cost on eligible products so they can get their products delivered earlier than normal delivery time. If you are a Prime member, you will get your products within one day or two days for one year without any additional charges which is really great when we need a certain product quickly.

But, the interesting thing is that these fast delivery options are available in certain cities only, as of now. Down below is the list of cities that are eligible for the fast delivery facility and you can check whether your city is on the list. Which means you will not be able to get your products delivered in one day or two days if your city is not on this list.

We can expect more cities and pin codes to this list in the near future as well.


If your location is on this list, you can get any Prime products delivered to you within one or two days. By just paying Rs.499 for one year this is really a good deal if you shop regularly on 

2. Discount for Same Day Delivery or Morning Delivery

When you need a product as quickly as possible, you can always choose for the ‘same day delivery’ option if you are ordering a product before 11 AM or ‘morning delivery’ option if later. Normally Amazon charges Rs.100 for their quickest delivery facility, but Prime members can choose a ‘same-day’ or ‘morning’ delivery options for just Rs.50 for one year.

Again, here also, this is only available in certain cities only so that you have to check whether your location is eligible for the same. Also, keep in mind that the eligibility of these fast deliveries will also depend upon the products you are purchasing.

Here is the list of cities that are eligible for the Amazon India’s ‘quickest’ delivery.



3. No Delivery Charges for Products under Rs.599

Amazon normally has delivery charges for the products which are priced under Rs.599. But, as an Amazon India’s Prime member you will not be charged that extra delivery charges for low priced products. Keep in mind this, it applies only to the products that have the Prime badge on them.

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4. Early Access to Lightning Deals

Amazon is well known for their lightning deals that are featured on a daily basis. A lot of products in various categories are available under lightning deals every day. Prime members will get an early access to these lightning deals 30 minutes before a non-Prime customer.

lightning deals: Daily limited-time discounts on tech products, fashion, and home goods, including luggage, headphones, watches, and mattresses.

Here also, if you are a frequent online shopper, this 30-minute early access to lightning deals on will be helpful on saving some money on your purchases.

5. One Year of Amazon Prime Video Streaming

For those who are not familiar with Amazon Video, with Amazon Prime Video, you can buy, rent, and instantly watch digital movies, TV shows and stand-up comedy specials. With a good Internet connection, you can stream a lot of premium content like movies and TV series whenever and wherever you want. Prime members can stream to Amazon Video contents for free for One year, which is really a good deal for the price. While the streaming rivals like Netflix and Hotstar are charging customers on a monthly basis, this really worth the money.

Amazon Video was introduced into India last year, and they already have secured local content deals with leading Indian film studios, including Dharma Productions, Vishesh Films, and T-Series, for a mix of new and old titles. Amazon Video has a huge collection of old and new Bollywood movies and a lot of other Indian language movies including Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and lot more. This goes to show that they have their eyes set on mainstream targets and audiences, so we can expect more quality content on Amazon Video India in various categories and languages.

Just like Netflix do in foreign countries, who is the major leader in premium content streaming providers, Amazon has also introduced a new Indian TV series under the banner of Amazon Originals, which is INSIDE EDGE. We can expect a lot more like this in the future as well.

So, does it really worth the money? Yes, indeed. For just Rs.499 for one year, Amazon Video has lots of premium content that are targeted to Indian consumers. Netflix is better in English contents but if you love to watch a lot of Bollywood and other language movies online, this is really worth the money, no doubt!

6. Access to Amazon Exclusive Product Launches

To add more customers to the Prime membership plans, Amazon India has a brilliant marketing plan. The retail giant has already tied up with some brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, LG etc for some exclusive product launches only on Amazon in India. Which means that products like Xiaomi Redmi 4 will be available to buy for Prime members only.

More than these, Amazon will definitely add more and more features to the Prime membership in near future, just like what they do in US or UK. Amazon Prime subscribers in the US and UK are also getting access to free e-books on Kindle First and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, unlimited photo storage and Amazon Music. The price is higher there, but we can expect such addition to the Prime in India also in coming months. 

So, Is Amazon Prime in India Really Worth the Money?

The answer is a big YES for me. Because I shop frequently on Amazon India, as a Prime member I am able to save money on delivery charges for products that are under Rs.599. More than that, I am also using the benefits of my early access to lightning deals and offers. Amazon Prime Video has started delivering many quality contents like Bollywood movies, exclusive Web series and Stand-up comedy specials. Therefore, for me, the Rs.499 I am paying for one year is a real worth.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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