Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000 with Buying Guide


Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000

Power banks are an essential gadget in day to day life for most of the mobile users.

Majority of the entry-level power banks fall under 1000 rupee price range and picking the best out of it is challenging.

Here we will break down the best Power banks under 1000 rupees for you.

Our Overall Best Pick
Mi Powerbank 2

After analyzing and going through numerous reviews from the users, we have chosen Xiaomi’s Mi Power Banks 2 as the best power bank under Rs.1000.

This power bank can turbo charge your device, the design looks premium, has world-class chips under the hood and most importantly great customer rating.

It looks classy, has high durability and performs the task of charging your device with 70% conversion rate.


Best Power Banks Under Rs.1000: Quick Look

Power BankBattery CapacityConversion RateOutput PortsWeight   
Mi Powerbank 210000 mAh69% (6900mAh)1217g
Intex IT-PB11K11000 mAh85% (9500mAh)3280g
Ambrane P112210000 mAh85% (8500mAh3331g
Lenovo MP 106010000 mAh90% (9000mAh)2200g
Intex IT-PB12.5K12500mAh65% (7500mAh)3331g
Ambrane P111110000mAh75% (7500mAh)2277g
Lenovo PA1040010400mAh70% (7250mAh)2240g

1. Mi Powerbank 2 – 10000 mAh


Mi Power Bank 2, the new version of this model of power banks is undoubtedly the best in this category. This power bank is equipped with a Lithium Polymer battery which is better than a Lithium-Ion battery. It weighs just 217g, has a nice color and sleek build quality to it.

It has an actual output capacity of 6900mAh ( approximately 70% conversion rate), which is a 10% increase from its predecessor Mi Power bank 1 and offers substantial battery capacity to keep multiple devices fully charged. Its World-class chips are not only safer, they improve charging conversion rates and stabilize discharging voltage.

With advanced resistance-capacitance sensors, 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 is more durable and optimizes charging efficiency. This one is totally worth the money that you are paying. The only drawback of this power bank is that it has only one output port and you can’t charge multiple devices simultaneously.


  • Superior design and looks with metal casing
  • Better quality Lithium Polymer battery
  • Light Weight and Easy to carry
  • Nine layers of circuit chip protection


  • Little costly for this capacity range
  • Only one output port


2. Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank – 11000mAh


Intex IT-PB11K is chosen as the second best under this price range. It has a whopping 11000 mAh capacity and can easily charge a 3000 mAh phone thrice. All in all, it gives around 9000-9500 mAh of efficient power.

It contains 3 output ports (5V at 2.1A – 2.1A – 1A) and a micro USB input port of 1Amp. The slim design gives it a firm grip to avoid accidental slips and drops.

Moreover, this power bank is fitted with a flash light as well. If you are looking for a power bank with best features at a reasonable price then this is the ideal one for you.


  • Budget price
  • Higher storage capacity
  • Better efficiency as it gives 9000-9500 mAh effective output out of 11000 mAh
  • 3 output ports at 2.1A, 2.1A, and 1A


  • USB port is not up to the mark, it holds the connecting chord very lose
  • While using all ports for charging it gets little hot
  • Little heavier (280g)


3. Ambrane P-1122 Power Bank- 10000mAh


At number 3 we have Ambrane P-1122 which scores heavily if you are on a shoestring budget and looking for the best pocket-friendly power bank.

It has a triple output for charging so you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. This power bank also accompanies a LED flash light on it.

Its look and build quality are pretty good.

It gives around 8000-8500 mAh of efficient power out of 10000 mAh.



  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Look and build quality is great
  • 3 output ports


  • It weighs heavy around 331g and is bulky


4. Lenovo MP1060 Power Bank – 10000 mAh


This is one of the best power banks out there in the market if you are ready to shell a little over a 1000 rupees. It comes with a Lithium Polymer battery that has a high-end cell type which is usually found in most smartphones.

There is a reserved space design on the polymer cell so it has no explosion risks. This power bank also boasts 11 safety protections, one of which is the overcharge protection. It has a refined nano-grade metal-carved texture which makes its appearance elegant.

One great aspect about this power bank is that it weighs just 200gms so it is super light and slim. Its USB ports are on the top which helps to keep it in the pocket while using it on the go. The conversion rate is more than 90% which means it can fully charge a 2500mAh battery nearly 4 times.


  • Sleek design and build quality
  • Light weight (just 200 gms)
  • Lithium-Polymer battery
  • 3 Output ports


  • Costly compared to other power banks offering the same battery power
  • 3 months domestic warranty only


5. Intex IT-PB12.5K Power Bank – 12500 mAh


If you are looking for maximum battery capacity at this price range with decent specifications then this an Ideal product for you.

It can hold 12500 mAh charge. It has 3 USB output ports on it.

Go for it if you need a cheap, durable power bank that lasts nearly 5 times to charge a 2500 mAh mobile phone.


  • Battery capacity is the best at this range
  • 3 output ports
  • No heating problems
  • designed for mobile phones and digital cameras


  • Heavy, weighs around 331gms
  • Charging the power bank to full capacity will take more than 8 hours
  • The cable provided along with the device is of poor quality


6. Ambrane P-1111 Power Bank – 10000mAh 


This model is another budget power bank that offers superior battery capacity at a reasonable price. It is made in an octagonal shape and has two output USB ports.

Ambrane P-1111 has an efficiency/conversion ratio of 70-75% which means it will charge a 2500 mAh battery thrice.

It has an LED flash light also with it. If you are looking for a cheap power bank well under 1000 rupees you can go with this one.


  • Budget oriented
  • LED Flashlight


  • Power bank is bulkier
  • Design is not that much attractive 


7. Lenovo PA10400 Power Bank – 10400mAh


This power bank from Lenovo is another quality product with great design and battery capacity.

This is the first power bank which is built with cabin pressure release technology. It has 12 fold protection which makes it secure from overcharging and overheating.

This power bank has an LG 18650 Lithium-ion battery that has a recharge life of 500 cycles. It weighs just 240gms which make it light weight and easy to carry. It has 2 output ports each giving 5V, 2.1A output. It has 70-75% conversion ratio which means it will give around 7500 mAh efficient output. This power bank needs 8 hours to fully charge with a normal charger and 7 hours with a turbocharger.


  • Great design and portability
  • 12 fold protection from overheating


  • Cable doesn’t fit properly to the port as it is a bit loose
  • Chance of slipping from hand is high due to its design


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Power Banks – Buyers Guide:

These are the key points to keep in mind while buying a power bank. We have analyzed power banks with these key features in mind. Make sure you compare power banks according to these features.

1. Battery Capacity

When buying a power bank the most important factor to look for is the battery capacity. Power banks capacity varies from product to product depending on the number of cells in the power bank. Another key aspect to check is whether the battery cells are Lithium ion or Lithium Polymer. According to Android Authority writer Mathew Sabatini, Lithium-ion battery and Lithium-Polymer battery do not differ much in performance. But Lithium-Polymer batteries are very lightweight and have improved safety. So they are more durable against overheating and overcharging.

2. Conversion Rate or Effective Output

Another key aspect to check while buying a power bank is Conversion Rate. This is simply the actual effective output of a power bank. If your power bank has a total capacity of 10000mAh and its conversion rate is 75%, then the actual power it can deliver is 7500mAh. It has a transmission loss of 2500mAh while charging your device. So it is crucial to not only check the battery capacity but also the conversion rate.

3. Number of Output Ports

A power bank may be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously or you may want to charge at a different Ampere according to the device specification. Some power bank has only 1 output port at 2.1A and some have 2 or 3 ports at 2.1A and 1A. So before buying your power bank make sure that it has enough output ports satisfying your needs.

4. Design

Look and feel of power banks are also an important aspect. No one wants to buy an ugly looking power bank that is difficult handle while charging on the go. Make sure the design of power bank is suitable to fit into your pocket. A good design enhances the experience of handling a power bank.

5. Portability

The sole purpose of buying a power bank is to charge your device when you are traveling and you can’t find a charging point. Hence portability of your power bank is paramount. An ideal power bank should be light weight. It should weigh just around 200gms. A bulky power bank will be difficult to carry on the go in your pocket. It should fit nicely in your hand.

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