Best Wireless Earbuds Under $30/£20 for Running with Great Sound Quality

Best Wireless Earbuds Under $30/£20 for Running with Great Sound Quality

A List Of Best Wireless Earbuds Under $30

We always realize the importance of the wireless earbuds when we are listening to music, podcasts or audio books, especially whenever we face the trouble of cables that get in the way or pulled out accidentally.  As you know, headphones and earbuds have gradually become a personal gadget matched to your lifestyle and more importantly, choosing a pair of earbuds that sound good the music we like has become everyone’s priority. Bluetooth headphones are becoming quite the popular add-on to anyone’s wireless devices, but with name brands that come with high prices you don’t get to choose from much seeing as many people’s budgets limit their choices.

As lot of electronics companies are there to offer you the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds in 2015, finding a best pair of cheap wireless earbuds has almost become a lost art form. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the research for you; all you have to do is decide which one is right for you and invest your hard earned money in the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds for you under $30/£20.

So, if you are looking for the budget friendly wireless earbuds that won’t break your wallet but is still durable, functional and work every buck, here is the list of best wireless Bluetooth earbuds you can buy under $30.

#1. SoundPeats QY7 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headphone

31-EcLo1AOLSoundPeats QY7 is really an excellent wireless earphone with outstanding audio quality, comfort and convenience together. This extremely cheap budget wireless earbuds from SoundPeats are available in 8 different colors and you can choose your favorite one from their wide collection of choices.

The sound quality of this wireless earphones are really exceptional which matches with some expensive headphones out in the market now. The device performs really well with crisp mids and highs are clearly reproduced with plenty of bass. Like all other wireless earphones in this list, it does also have an in built microphone, buttons for controlling volume, skipping songs and answer phone callsbest-wireless-earbuds-under-30-uk.


SoundPeats QY7 also comes with a set of accessories including 3 pairs of different sizes of ear cushions, 6 pairs of different ear hooks which means you will get 3 and 6 different sizes of ear rubbers and hooks respectively for the perfect fit you are seeking.

Company claims a 5 hours of playback time on a single charge which will be enough for your morning walks or workouts in the gym. The travel bag comes with this wireless earbuds, to keep it safe will be really helpful  on trips and travels also.

For a bargain price, SoundPeats QY7 really worth the money with its great comfort and great audio quality.

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#2. Mpow Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones Sweat Proof

51XcfjZ-MTL._SL1000_The Mpow Swift wireless Bluetooth 4.0 headphones are very well designed wireless earbuds with a beautiful sporty look. It can be easily paired and synced to any other Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and so you can enjoy high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech within 10 meters. Mpow also provides extra ear cushions for different ear structures, and so you can choose the right earbud for your perfect fit. There are also voice responses for “powered on”,”powering off” “connected”, and “out of range” and “low power” to remind you.

The Mpow Swift has some multipurpose control buttons for different actions which is placed on the right earbud while left earbud has the port for charging through Micro USB. This cheap and budget friendly wireless earphone from Mpow will last for up to 6 Hrs of music playback after the 2 hours of fully charging. Even though this one does not have any waterproof certifications, this tiny electronic device is well packed for protecting the device from sweat and moisture.

For a sports headphone which comes under the price tag of $30, the sound quality of Mpow Swift is surprisingly very good with plenty of bass with fine high end and low end tunes. But one of the main disadvantage of this cheap wireless earbuds are its awkwardly long cable which is too long which may be annoying for most of the users.

Mpow also offers an 18-month warranty for this wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Overall, you’ll have to give this earphones a try, especially if you are looking for a cheap wireless earbud under $30 which will give you an outstanding music experience.

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#3. Mpow Cheetah Behind Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Mpow Cheetah is a uniquely designed wireless headphones which fits around the ear/head with no hanging wires unlike some other wireless earbuds that always shift over to one side of your shoulder when running. They have a short cable as compared to other wireless earbuds that perfectly wraps around the back of your head, and with the way they also wrap around your ears it perfectly fits on the ears without any problem. This headset is designed to lock in to the ears so you can focus on your workout, whether it is Running, Jogging, Biking, Driving, Fishing, Camping, Hiking or any other Outdoor Sports.mpow-wireless-earbuds-best-under-30-dollars

With its perfect fit on the ears, the sound quality of this cheap wireless earphones is really outstanding and pairing with your Bluetooth devices are also very easy and simple.  Mpow Cheetah comes with an in built microphone and buttons for controlling the music.

Mpow claims a battery life of 8 hours for the ‘Cheetah’, but your mileage will depend on the volume at which you play the music. It comes with a Micro USB cable out of the box which can be used to charge the device with the help of computer, power banks or adapters. Mpow also provides 18 months of warranty and Nano coating all over the device for making sweat proof.

So, if you are looking for an affordable wireless Bluetooth earbuds under $30 for sport activities like running, biking or any other outdoor sports, you must give a try for this ‘Cheetah’.

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#4. AYL V4.1 Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones with Build-in MicAYL-QY8-best-wireless-earbuds-under-30-20

This cheap wireless earbuds from AYL comes with the Bluetooth 4.1 technology which features greater range, higher quality sound, faster connection, and instant response times for your better audio experience. The device has a polymer 80 mAh battery which will provide you 7 hours of talk & playing time & 175 hours of standby time, as companies’ claims. In terms of comfort of this earbud, they are very comfortable and are angled to fit with the configuration of the inside of the ear, not just straight. You will not have any problems with this earbuds from AYL which will stay in your ears even while running on a treadmill or in a morning jogging.

This wireless Bluetooth headphone for iPhone 6, Android phones & tablets and other Bluetooth devices can pair with 2 different devices simultaneously and thus it gives you double the possibilities for answering calls and streaming music to your workout headphones, all while enjoying premium Bluetooth earbuds wireless sound quality.

AYL V4.1 Bluetooth 4.1 wireless sport earbuds has built-in microphone and are waterproof, so that you won’t have to worry about wearing them while running or working out in the gym by listening to your favorite music. To charge the battery of this budget wireless earphone which comes under just $30, you need to plug it into a computer or USB wall outlet charger with the included micro-USB cable. The device also have the controls for all functions of your music (volume, sound, song selection) and calls from your phone via some simple buttons on the Bluetooth earbuds, making these the most convenient Bluetooth earbuds for running, sports, lifting weights & more.

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#5. Primed4U In Ear Stereo Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphonesbest-wireless-earbuds-under-30

This wireless earphones from Primed4U has a unique design. It comes in 5 designer colors to set you apart from the crowd; Multiple Bluetooth earbuds included, so you can customize the fit of the sport headphones. The wireless headphone features the Bluetooth 4.0 and EDM technology for easy and fast pairing with devices up to 10 meters.  Just like other wireless ear buds in this list, this one also comes with sweat proof Bluetooth headphones with microphone which will free you to move with ease always.

As the company is claiming, this earbuds from Primed4U will give you 150 hours of standby time & 4 to 6 hours of talk or play time on a single charge. Its dedicated buttons for multi-purpose usages like volume control and skipping songs will always help you in running or gym times.

When it comes to sound quality this extremely cheap wireless earbuds really surprises with great quality of sound and performance. Overall, for a price of around $20, it’s a great product with a great price.


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