6 Best Worthy Travel Gadgets You Must Buy Online In India


6 Gadgets That Transformed My Last Journey to a New Different Level 

We all want to take a good outing for recharging our mind. But if we can take a little more attention about the stuff carrying with us, we can truly transform our journey to a new different level.

In my last outing, I researched thoroughly across the web for some good gadgets to keep in my backpack. I surfed through many websites and bought some gadgets for me. After the journey, I really surprised that how these low priced gadgets transformed my journey to a more beautiful and memorable experience. So, I can’t wait anymore to share these amazing real worthy products that can’t miss for your next journey.

Gadgets you need may depend on the type of journey you are planning. If you are planning for a highly complex mountain trekking or ice climbing etc. you may need some special gadgets. But here I want to share some common gadgets which are essential for all type of over-night journeys.

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1. INLANDER 70L Travel Backpack 


A good backpack is essential for a journey. While deciding on which backpack to buy, we must ensure some essential features of the product. My first concern is its space. A normal traveller needs to carry some clothes, blankets, health essentials, electronic gadgets etc. So buying a 70Ltr backpack is a good option. Good pockets and compartments are another unavoidable needs. The material should be the water-resistant type, padder and a hip belt is essential for good comfort.

INLANDER 70 Ltrs bag provides all these specifications for an affordable good price. The bag’s inner material is made of polyester material and it comes with rucksack for adventure and hiking. 

Special Features

Back Padding, Back Strap, Chest Strap, Hip Belt, Water Bottle / Umbrella Pouch


2. Affordable Outdoor Tent for Camping


best-tent-in-india-buy-onlineStaying in a tent always brings you some amazing experiences. Outdoor tent is one of the critical element which transformed my journey into some beautiful memories. If you have never stayed in a tent before, I recommend you to do it in your very next journey.

I bought this four people out-door tent two months back. And I stayed on a beach in Goa, a meadow in Kodaikanal and in a rainforest in Wayanad, Kerala. The entire tent could be folded into a cricket bat size bag and it is very easy to carry as well as to install. This tent cost around Rs.1000 and believe me, it’s really worth for the money. 




If you love music, having a good quality, handy Bluetooth speaker is like having a different world. I will definitely recommend this brand and product because even while writing this, my speaker is playing Coldplay in medium volume.

A Bluetooth speaker will create a beautiful vibe around you even if you are in a desert, beach or in a wild forest and its long battery capacity will keep you in good mood.


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4. Rechargeable Flashing Torch Light


Torch is an essential element to include in your travel backpack. We can’t always depend on your mobile flashlight so carrying a torch is essential if you are planning on a camping or hiking.

This Powerful LED torch light has an ultra strong light up to 1200 lumens with a transmission distance of 500 meters. It requires 8 hours for full charging and lasts up to 180 minutes/3 hours. It features 5 modes of zooming and 3 modes of flashing capacity.


5. Sharp Camper Pocket Knife

Some small things in your backpack can bring a large difference to your journey.

A sharp pocket knife will help you in cutting fruits or small woods for the fire. This knife is made of stainless steel and has the anti-rust coating.


6. Mi 10000mAH Power Bank


Having a power bank is really important if you have a plan for camping with music. I really had fun for two days in the middle of the wild without worrying about the battery charge of my devices. Totally thankful to the manufacturer. 

Even though there are many other cheap power banks available in the market now, this one from Xiaomi is really good with its superb build quality which is perfect for travel and trekking.


There is a lot of other interesting stuff also available online. Solar Powered Lanterns are perfect for you if you wanna read some amazing books under the night full of stars, and a BBQ Grill is perfect for foodies.

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