TOP 5 Best Selfie Sticks Of 2016 To Buy In India Online

TOP 5 Selfie Sticks Of 2016 India

Since the selfie bug bit thousands of photography enthusiasts worldwide, the demand for selfie sticks has remained high in many offline and online stores. While we have wide range of sticks available today to choose from, it will be tricky to select the right one for you. These are the 5 best selfie sticks you can buy in India, 2016.

Note: Even though most of the selfie sticks works well with Android smartphones, you may have to install Camera 360 Ultimate App from Google Play Store for a better photography experience.

*Prices given here may vary according to the online shopping site

#1Zoook Bluetooth Selfie Stick with In- Built Bluetooth– ₹440

Zoook-Bluetooth-Mobile-Phone-Monopod-Arguably one of the best Bluetooth selfie sticks you can buy in India in this early 2016. This selfie stick from the Chinese manufacture ‘Zook’ features Bluetooth connectivity which is built-in the stick itself. You can pair your smartphone with this monopod easily for capturing brilliant shots. It features an in-built Bluetooth remote control that helps you to snap a picture with just a press of a button.

This Zoook accessory comes with Bluetooth technology & is compatible with not only Android mobile phones but also with the iPhones. You can click selfies from the distance of 97 cm approximately by simply adjusting the length of this monopod. There is no need of installing any application in order to make this selfie stick work. Simply switch it on, click amazing pictures & then turn it off. This selfie pod comes with a ball head that allows you to easily adjust the angle of the camera while taking pictures.

Made from high quality steel, this Zoook monopod is just 192 grams in weight. It has 50 mAh battery that gives you more than 100 hours of standby. The retracted length of this selfie pod is 20 cm and it has 7 extendable flex sections for angle adjustment. The maximum weight load capacity of this monopod is 500 grams. You can buy it from to avail 1 year Company warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Extended Length: 97 cm
  • Folded Length: 22 cm
  • Loading Capacity: 500 g

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#2. Selfy Monopod Selfie Stick with Aux- ₹333


Doesn’t like pairing your selfie and recharging it, over and over? Then, this one is for you because it comes with an AUX cable which can be connected to your 3.5 mm jack and so you can take selfies without a Bluetooth remote. To take selfies, you just need to attach the cable to your Smartphone and thereafter, you just have to switch-on the camera of your phone and press the button on the handle of the stick. Even though a selfie stick like this will make your job easier, a Bluetooth enabled stick has an advantage over this one as it allows you to take photos from greater distance and without shaking.

  • Extended Length: 97 cm
  • Folded Length: 20 cm
  • Loading Capacity: 400-500 g

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#3. Photron SLF 200 Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote–  ₹339

Photron-SLF-200-Selfie-StickPhotron SLF 200 selfie stick comes with a Bluetooth remote which will helps you to take selfies on your Android as well iOS devices. It comes equipped with a quick spin knob for instant and easy mounting. The stick has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to handle and portable.

Photron SLF 200 selfie stick is compatible with iOS and Android devices runs without the need of installing a separate application. It has a well designed handle that provides you a firm grip and the Bluetooth connectivity will let you wirelessly pair it with your smartphone as well.

  • Extended Length: 97 cm
  • Folded Length: 20 cm
  • Loading Capacity: 400-500 g

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#4. ENRG YUNTENG YT 188 Self-portrait Monopod    ₹740

ENRG-Selfie-Stick-YUNTENG-YT-188-Self-portrait Monopod with-Bluetooth-Remote-with-Stick-ClipDo you love to take some selfies with your DSLR or a bulky tablet? Then this one will suit you the most!

This Selfie stick with Bluetooth remote is very well built with high quality material which can handle up to 6.3 inches screen and will carry up to 2.5 Kg with ease. Its lengthy pod with good handle grip holder will ensure your selfie experiences even better. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote which is compatible with both android and iOS. Unlike other selfie which gets bend over the time and usage (in case of phone), this one will surely last longer.

The ENRG YUNTENG YT 188 is not only a simple selfy stick but it is a Camera Extender Pole for DSLR, GoPro and Smart Phones with a External Bluetooth Shutter and Flexible Mobile Holder. A small Metal Mirror at the further end of Extender will help you to use Main Camera of your Mobile (you can flip the mobile and instead of seeing in Mobile’s screen you can see in mirror).

You can definitely go for it if you are looking for a All In One accessory i.e. Monopod for Camera / DSLR + Selfie Pod for Mobile + Extender for Camera.

  • Extended Length: 125 cm
  • Folded Length: 42 cm
  • Loading Capacity: 2.5 Kg

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#5. Dispho Selfie Stick Monopod with Bluetooth & Zoom- ₹1290 

Dispho-Selfie-Stick-MonopodDispho Selfie Stick Monopod with Bluetooth & Zoom is a premium level selfie stick with some extra features added with. This advanced selfie stick is made up of light weight carbon fiber with and a rechargeable battery built in. Dedicated buttons for Zoom-In and Zoom-Out is one of the unique and advanced feature of this Bluetooth enabled selfie stick. So, this monopod which comes with a tripod also is for those who are looking for an advanced level selfie stick with great quality guaranteed.

  • Extended Length: 97 cm
  • Folded Length: 20 cm


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