Redmi Note 5 Pro

Asus Vivobook Max

A neat performer with decent processor and full HD display. Our pick for the best laptop under Rs.30,000.
boat stone 600

boAt Stone 600

The best Bluetooth speaker you can get under Rs.2,000. It has great battery life, amazing build quality and most importantly the best sound quality for the price.
Sound Magic ES18

SoundMagic ES18

Our pick for the best earphones under Rs.500. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a budget earphone with high-class sound quality.

Lists of only the best products you can buy, no junk.

Mobile Phones

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.7,000

With the advent of cheap Chinese smartphones, a vast majority of common people stepped into the connected world at once. Earlier, the quality of such phones was questionable at best, but not today. The entry-level market is no longer flooded with pitiable hardware...

Best Mobile Phones in India – 2018

Agree with it or not - Smartphones have definitely become an integral part of our day to day life. From streaming our favourite shows on Netflix to paying our utility bills online, everything is going mobile first. In order to keep with this advancements, you need a...

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.12,000

If you are looking for a smartphone above Rs.10,000 and you can’t extend your budget to Rs.15,000, then the best option is to go for a smartphone under Rs.12,000. The sheer variety and competition in this segment are massive in India and almost every phone...


Best Laptops Under Rs.25,000

  We guess you are looking for your first laptop. Or searching for a second one just to browse the web and watch some content on a wider screen. Maybe you want to gift a laptop to your parents. If yes, you’re at the right place. Here we present you the curated list of...

Best Travel Laptops

Travel laptops is a must in these days where connectivity is of utmost importance. Smartphones are powerful but the ease of using a large screen display and a full sized keyboard isn’t something that can be replaced. Now back to the buying suggestions for the best...

Best Laptops for Programmers In India

  Programmers are like magicians. Just that they perform their tricks with code instead of a black and a rabbit. Most of the programmers would prefer a desktop for their work. But why? Desktops are more powerful and versatile. Multiple screens with different...


Best Headphones Under Rs.2,000

Headphones are the holy grail for audiophiles. Good music accompanied by a great headphone will satiate their quest for nirvana. Not only audiophiles, who doesn’t appreciate a good music listening experience right? There are a lot of great quality over the ear...

Best Headphones Under Rs.1,000

Everyone loves listening to music. Isn’t it? Enjoying great music without a good headphone is just like listening to noise. Not everyone listens to the music the same way. Personal preferences vary, so does their experience with a particular headphone. Some people...

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 5,000

Smartphones have become powerful, the number of features has skyrocketed, the form factor has evolved over time – but sound output from these devices has been in a stasis for most of the time. That’s where Portable Bluetooth Speakers come handy. In this list, we have...