Redmi Note 5 Pro

Asus Vivobook Max

A neat performer with decent processor and full HD display. Our pick for the best laptop under Rs.30,000.
boat stone 600

Portronics Sound Drum

If you’re in search of a Bluetooth speaker for your house party or for outdoor music listening, this product delivers the best experience. Our pick for the best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.2,000.
Sound Magic ES18

SoundMagic ES18

Our pick for the best earphones under Rs.500. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a budget earphone with high-class sound quality.

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Mobile Phones

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.5,000

A budget under Rs.5,000 pointing you towards a feature phone is the story of the past. As the competition in the mobile industry became tight, companies are forced to increase the sales even at the cost of sacrificing their profit margins. The end result? Smartphones...

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.30,000

Are you the one looking to step-up your geek game a bit? With a bunch of choices lying around in mobile phones under Rs.30,000, you're sure to sweat it out to find the best. But don't worry we will walk you through the tough part. This list has been curated to provide...

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. 20,000

Are you the one looking for stepping up your geek game a bit? With a bunch of choices lying around, you're sure to sweat it out but don't worry we will walk you through the tough part. This list has been curated to provide you with an insight into the best phones...


Best Laptops In India – 2018

Laptops are one of the most sought-after electronic devices in the market at present. This is because people have no time to spare. Productivity is the buzzword at present. And laptops make it possible more than any other gadget. We have done a thorough research on...

Best Laptops Under Rs. 50,000

Looking for the best laptops under Rs. 50,000? There are so many good laptops in this price range that choosing the best according to your needs is a difficult task. We at dopemobiles understand this and decided to take an indepth look at the laptop market. After...

Best Gaming Laptops in India – 2018

Welcome Gaming Aficionados! In search of a mean machine that will let you play your titles like a breeze? Concerned about the specifications and budget? Don’t worry. We will help you sort the best gaming laptops curated according to the needs of every kind of gamers...


Best Earphones Under Rs.500

We have analysed all the budget earphones available in the market based on important factors like sound quality, comfort, build quality, availability of microphone etc and carefully made a comprehensive list of the best earphones under Rs.500. All the earphones on our...

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

Wireless Bluetooth speakers serve two main purpose - indoor listening as well as outdoor usage. With the speaker technology gaining rapid improvement in terms of the quality of sound output and a simultaneous decrease in prices, the market is facing a boom right now....

Best Wired Earphones In India

As Bluetooth technology has still not reached the level to replace wires to carry sound signals, the Wired earphones deliver a much better sound output than its Wireless counterparts. In this article, we feature the best wired earphones in India (albeit with a budget...