Best Air Conditioners in India with Ultimate AC Buying Guide

by | Sep 28, 2018

It’s summer and the temperature is rising. Rainy season is month’s away and we are sweating.

A fan won’t suffice when the sun is blazing the heating torch at us. Thanks to the technology, we have Air conditioners at our rescue.

If yes, confusion is guaranteed. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back on this one.

There are AC’s with different capacities with varying features that will cater to buyers in every price category.

Here we are presenting you the list of the best split AC’s currently in the market that will suit your needs.

Best ACs In India

1. LG JS-Q18YUXA Best Inverter AC
2.Whirlpool MagiCool 3SRunner-Up Pick
3. Godrej GSC 12Power Efficient AC
4. MarQ FKAC103SFABest Budget AC
5. Hitachi CSB-314MBDBest Value for Money AC


Best air conditioners in India-Best Inverter AC
 Best Inverter AC
  • Durable and solid build
  • Inverter type AC
  • Power efficient and silent operation
LG is a South Korean conglomerate that has been playing level fields in the Indian market along with Samsung.

The JS-Q18PUXA is LG’s take on inverter type split AC that has been launched recently in the Indian market.

Design and build quality

The LG JS-Q18YUXA is designed with the Indian conditions in mind.

This air conditioner comes loaded with features such as special protection casing for both the internal and external units from dust, sand and other pollutants such as the smoke.

The hard plastic chassis feels tough and durable. The minimal design makes it easier for frequent cleaning as well.

Not only does the aesthetics, but several additions such as gold finned compressor makes this device run without any troubles for years to come.


The LG JS-Q18PUXA is a 1.5 Tonne air conditioner that can cool down medium-sized rooms pretty quickly.

This air conditioner boasts an indoor sound level of about 27dB which is one the lowest in the market at present.

LG has used R410A refrigerant in this AC.

Copper condenser and dual rotary inverter compressor

Copper coil condenser surrounded by gold fins ensure the components are anti-corrosive and will withstand the test of time pretty much without any hassle.

Dual rotary compressors are employed to increase the temperature span that the AC can achieve thereby providing the customer with a wide temperature range choice that suits his needs.

LG has included low refrigerant detection that will make sure the refrigerant levels are optimum.

The golden fin arrangement in the condenser makes it extremely resistant to corrosion and rust.

Energy consumption and cooling capacity

This device comes with a 3-star BEE 2018 energy efficiency rating.

The JS-Q18PUXA has a maximum cooling capacity of 3500 W at a rated energy consumption of 729 W.

In case of a shortage, the system will automatically detect that and alert the user before any serious damage might happen.

LG’s patented Himalaya Cool Technology will help the AC to cool the surrounding pretty quickly.


The brand value of LG itself will exude confidence in the consumers due to the reliability and performance of the products that the company introduced in the past.

If you don’t mind the budget and want a long lasting air conditioner that won’t break a sweat in cooling your room, this is one of the best available right now.

The LG JS-Q18PUXA is packed with features that not only increase the performance but also ensures that the product last long enough for the customers to have a value for money experience buying this device.

Gold finned anti-corrosive condenser
Wider temperature span
Low refrigerant detection


Capacity1.5 Tonne
Condenser CoilCopper
Star Rating3 Star BEE Rating 2018
Cooling Capacity3500 W
Power Consumption729 W

2. Whirlpool MagiCool 3S

Best air conditioners in India
Runner-Up Pick
  • 100% copper condenser
  • Inverter technology
  • 3-star BEE rating
Whirlpool is an American home appliance manufacturer famed for its refrigerators released back in the time in India.

The Whirlpool MagiCool 3S is a 2 Ton capacity inverter type air-conditioner loaded with features at an interesting price tag.

Copper condenser

The Whirlpool MagiCool 3S has 100% pure copper condenser coil which is much more efficient in cooling operation and assures maintenance free operation for a very long time.

This 2-ton split AC comes with a 3-star BEE rating for those who are concerned about blowing a hole in the pocket in terms of energy consumption.

Sixth sense intelligent cooling

Whirlpool’s patented sixth sense cooling technology detects the surrounding temperature and adjusts the optimal temperature accordingly without any manual intervention.

This saves energy as well decreases the load on the compressor as well.

Inverter compressor

The inverter compressor ensures fast cooling as well as noiseless operation even under heavy loads.

Since the compressor never shuts down completely, the energy for full throttle wake up or shut down is never required.


This 2-ton split AC from Whirlpool comes with a built-in stabilizer to protect the air-conditioning unit from unexpected voltage fluctuations or a sudden spike in the electricity supply.

The MagiCool 3S has a cooling capacity of 6040 W at a rated electrical consumption of just 2089 W.

The refrigerant used in this air-conditioning unit is R410A which is a coolant with zero ozone depletion potential.


Whirlpool India provides 1-year overall warranty on the unit supplemented by 10-years warranty on the compressor as well as the 1-year warranty on the condenser.

If you are impressed by the features that this AC provides but want a different capacity choice, Whirlpool has got you covered.

The 0.8 Ton capacity Whirlpool MagiCool 3S  comes at a price of Rs.27,990, the 1 ton variant at Rs.30,990 and the 1.5 ton variant priced at Rs.36,990.


The Whirlpool Magicool 3S is a excellent choice for cooling large rooms exceeding 120 sq.ft.

The inverter compressor supplemented by the patented Intellisense Technology works extremely well to provide a pleasant cooling experience.

In terms of energy consumption, the 3-star BEE rating provides a cushion for the monthly electricity bills.

Intellisense inverter technology
Power efficient
Quick cooling
Effective 12 years warranty
R410A contributes to global warming


Capacity2 Tonne
Condenser CoilCopper
Star Rating3-Star BEE rating 2018
Cooling Capacity6040 W
Power Consumption2089 W

3. Godrej GSC 12

Best air conditioners in India-Power Efficient AC
Best Power Efficient AC
  • Suited for small rooms/office
  • 5-star BEE rating
  • Aluminum condenser
The Godrej GSC 12 is a 1 Ton inverter AC that comes certified as one of the most energy-efficient home appliances in the BEE ratings.

This small and compact 1 Ton AC might be the perfect companion for a small sized room with a maximum of two occupants.

Aluminium condenser

The intelligent air throw mechanism senses the room temperature and adjusts according to give you the best cooling experience.

The aluminium condenser, though not as efficient as copper one does its jobs without any noticeable degradation in the performance.

This air conditioning unit comes equipped with 3 Brushless DC motors, controlled by smart logic resulting in higher efficiency.

Eco-friendly refrigerant

The refrigerant used in this air-conditioner is R290 which has the absolute minimal global warming potential as well as zero ozone depletion potential.

The going green motto from OEM’s can’t get any better than this, we bet.

Miscellaneous features

The anti-dust filter on this device is removable and cleaned manually.

This feature will definitely come handy in Indian conditions where dust is like a daily guest and you will be forced to clean the filter unless you want to inhale it all.

Do you?

The silver ion filter inside the conditioning unit ensures microbe-free, uncontaminated air to be exhausted out of the vent.

Energy consumption and cooling capacity

The Godrej GSC 12 comes with a top of the line 5-star BEE 2018 energy efficiency rating that will save you a lot of money in terms of your electricity bills.

This inverter AC has a cooling capacity of 3400W at a minimal power consumption of just 390W.

Godrej India offers a 1-year warranty on this 1-Tonne inverter AC and an additional 10-years warranty on the compressor that will let you sleep with even more calmness and peace of mind.

If you are interested in a Godrej 1-Ton AC with a copper condenser and a 5-star BEE 2017 rating which is equivalent to the 3-star 2018 BEE norms, you can choose the Godrej GSC 12 SFZH 5 RWPH priced at Rs.28,490.


Keeping aside the fact that this air conditioner doesn’t have a copper condenser, the Godrej GSC 12 with its 5-star BEE rating negates that down-coming,

With a zero ozone depletion potential refrigerant inside, not only do you keep the environment clean, but also saves the planet we live in.

If you have a small room/ office space to be cooled quite quickly without going high on electricity consumption, this air conditioner is a worthy choice.

5-star BEE 2018 rating
Silver-ion filter for microbial growth prevention
Environment-friendly R290 refrigerant
No copper condenser


Capacity1 Tonne
Condenser CoilAluminium
Star Rating5-Star BEE 2018
Cooling Capacity3400 W
Power Consumption890 W

4. MarQ FKAC103SFA

Best air conditioners in India-Best Budget AC
Best Budget AC
  • 100% copper condenser
  • Quick cooling
  • Night mode
MarQ is a subsidiary introduced by the E-commerce giant Flipkart targeting consumers who are looking for home appliances that won’t cost a fortune.

The MarQ FKAC103SFA is a 1 tonne split air conditioner that comes with features that gives expensive models a tight competition in terms of performance and build quality.

Design and build quality

The MarQ FKAC103SFA has an aesthetically pleasing design with snow white colour supplemented by the premium looking golden accents on the sides.

Made of a combination of plastics and fibre, the build quality of this refrigerator is decent for its asking price.

Since the entire body is made of plastic and fibre, there is no tension regarding corrosion or rust occurring in the due course of time.

Condenser and compressor

This cheap split air conditioner features a copper condenser inside.

Copper condensers does perform better than the aluminium or alloy counterparts in any given situation.

The fixed rotary compressor inside operates silently and cools the surroundings pretty quickly with the turbo mode operation.

Miscellaneous features

The humidity regulation and control feature in this air conditioner prevents fungal growth in the AC compartments and keeps the air fresh and clean.

The dedicated sleep mode on this AC not only does switch off the display light but also adjusts the temperature levels accordingly to ensure maximum energy savings.

Energy consumption and cooling capacity

The Flipkart MarQ FKAC103SFA has a 3-star BEE 2018 energy efficiency rating.

The rotary compressor inside has a cooling capacity of 3480 W rated at 982 W of energy.


It is a great thing considering that this budget air conditioner comes with a copper condenser and supplemented with this, energy efficiency at such a low price point.

Added features such as humidity control and night mode makes this a solid deal under Rs.20,000.

Stylish design
Humidity control
Outdoor unit is a bit noisy


Capacity1 Tonne
Condenser CoilCopper
Star Rating3-Star BEE 2018 rating
Cooling Capacity3480 W
Power Consumption982 W

5. Hitachi CSB-314MBD

Best air conditioners in India-Best Value for Money AC
Best Value for Money AC
  • Suited for medium sized rooms
  • 100% copper condenser
  • Wi-Fi control
The Hitachi CSB-314MBD is a 1.2 tonne split AC that provides a solution for those who are torn between the choice of wanting a 1 tonne or a 1.5 tonne AC for their medium sized rooms.

Most of the customers who want an AC does end up purchasing a product that has more capacity than what they require.

Design and build quality

The Hitachi CSB-314MBD is made of high-quality tough grade plastic that feels pretty solid and durable.

Speaking of the design, this device is given a minimal style that doesn’t make it look aggressive as some other split ACs in the market.

The graceful minimal look makes it suitable for any kind of home decor you have back at home.

Condenser and compressor

This AC has a pure copper condenser which is advantageous when it comes to the durability of the product as well as the quick cooling efficiency.

The rotary compressor inside is silent and does the job very effectively.

Miscellaneous features

The Hitachi CSB-314MBD comes with built-in WiFi module so that you can control this device through your smartphone.

For eg., if you’re at the office and want the temperature in your room back at home to be set to a specific temperature as soon as you arrive, you can have it done easily from your phone.

Apart from this, the Hitachi CSB-314MBD comes with dehumidification control and filters for keeping the air stream clean and healthy.

It also comes with an inbuilt settings memory that will store your favourite settings and in case of a power failure, will revert to that settings after the restart.

Energy consumption and cooling capacity

The Hitachi CSB-314MBD is certified as a 3-star BEE energy rating device which is one of the best energy efficiency rated AC in the market.

This AC has a cooling capacity of 4050 W at a rated energy consumption of 1065 W.


If you are in search of a capable AC under 1.5 tonne, the Hitachi CSB-314MBD is one of the perfect choices.

With its Wi-Fi connectivity and over the air control, it is one of the futuristic home appliances on the market that can be synced on the internet.

Smart connectivity
Copper condenser
Silent operation
Bulky outdoor unit


Capacity1.2 tonne
Condenser CoilCopper
Star Rating3 Star BEE Rating 2018
Cooling Capacity4050 W
Power Consumption1065 W
This is our comprehensive list of the best Split AC’s we feel are the best available on the market right now.

For your convenience, we have categorized the list according to the varying capacity and for those searching for inverter type ACs fret not, we have got that covered for you too.

For more amazing buying suggestions like this one, you can subscribe to our mail letter for free. Once again, thanks, and have a great purchase!

Buying Guide For Split Air Conditioners

Buying guide for AC
There are a large number of air conditioners in the market under different categories with varying capacities.

Every single one of them might not fit your needs and the selection criteria for finding a suitable air conditioning unit is cumbersome.

Here we are trying to cover the basics that you have to take into consideration before making up your mind for a purchase and zeroing in on a model.

Let’s start!

1) Infrastructure

Get an idea about the room for which you are planning the air conditioner for.

At first, the size of the room must be known, then the number of occupants that might use the room, number of windows in the room and even the walls facing the sun.

This is done to get a rough estimate of the cooling that the particular room requires by taking the above-mentioned criteria into consideration.

If the heat coming inside the room is greater than the heat that the air conditioner can remove, then the cooling won’t be effective.

For a rough calculation, the cube root of the volume of the room divided by 10 gives the tonnage.

Mind you, this calculation is just an approximation and never rely on this alone.

2) Condenser type

Copper coil condensers are costly but are very efficient. Also, they incur low maintenance.

It is always preferable to go for copper condensers even if they are a little over your budget as it might prove highly beneficial than an aluminium condenser in the long run.

3) Type of AC

There are mainly four type of Split Air conditioners namely wall mounted, cassette type, floor mounted and portable.

Out of these, we mainly use wall mounted and cassette type air conditioners here in India.

Wall mounted units are suitable for regular household uses while cassette type units suit office spaces that require a high capacity air conditioning unit.

4) Temperature range

The temperature range in an air conditioner is defined as the difference between the maximum temperature the AC can attain and the minimum temperature the AC can attain.

The minimum temperature span of the air conditioner must be 20 degrees, the more the better.

This ensures a wide range of temperature slots that you can enjoy.

5) Temperature increments

Always go for an air conditioner with temperature increments that has notches of 1- 2 degrees.

This will allow for the precise temperature control that many users will find useful.

Any increment above 2 notches won’t let you precisely tune the optimal temperature output.

6) Energy Efficiency Rating

In India, Bureau of Energy Efficiency labels electronics devices based on the energy efficiency with five stars being the maximum energy efficiency scale.

Devices with 5 Star BEE rating might cost more but are worth the money considering the saving they will bring from the otherwise pocket burning electricity bills.

7) Slide-out filter

This might not be necessary for many but this factor is quite useful.

Some manufacturers tend to seal the filter inside making it inaccessible for cleaning to the normal customer.

A slide-out filter means the user can remove the filter and reinstall a cleaned one or a new one at will without the need of calling a technician.

This guide is intended to give you a rough idea of various factors that you must consider before looking for the purchase of an air conditioner.

For more amazing buying suggestions like this one, you can subscribe to our mail letter for free.

Once again, thanks, and have a great purchase!