Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs.3,000

by | Jul 16, 2018

Bluetooth speakers gives you the freedom of playing your favorite tracks anywhere you go – be it on the beach side or at a poolside party.

Since the audio technology that we enjoy today has improved in leaps and bounds, choosing a suitable wireless speaker that impress you has become a tedious task.

To alleviate such worries, we recommend you the best Bluetooth speakers that you can buy with a moderate budget of Rs.3,000 in the Indian market. Read along to know more!

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.3,000

1. Sony SRS-XB103DOverall Best Pick
2. JBL Clip 2Runner-Up Pick
3. Noise MateBest Value For Money Pick
4. Intex Muzyk B30Best Build Quality
5. boAt stone 700Best Outdoor Speaker
6. Philips IN-BT4200A/94Honorable Mention

1. Sony SRS-XB10

Overall Best Pick
Overall Best Pick
  • Suited for bass fanatics
  • 360° sound propogation
  • Extensive connectivity options

Sony XB10 is the least expensive model in the company’s revered XtraBass XB lineup.

The design of this device is similar to its big brother the SRS-XB2 with a compact cylindrical design having a metal grip at the top.

The body is made of plastic with rubber coating around to give it a textured feel.

The bottom is made of rubber that stands firm on a plane as well as slightly tilted surfaces.

The speaker on this device with a driver size of 46mm faces up to give a 360 degrees sound propagation.

There is a passive radiator at the bottom to give that extra bass you’d like to listen to.

The speaker covers a very decent 20 -20,000Hz response range that will let you listen to all the notes without missing any.

The highs are crisp with deep lows and clean mids.

There is no noticeable distortion even when played at high volumes.

This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with an inbuilt mic to attend hands-free calls.

The mic is sensitive and picks up the audio without any problem.

The sound output through the speakerphone is loud and clear as well.

The Sony SRS-XB10 comes with Bluetooth v4.2 Low Energy protocol that drastically reduces the energy consumption when connected with other devices.

There is also NFC as well as the auxiliary cable option for connecting devices without Bluetooth.

The Sony SRS-XB10 comes with IPX5 certification that will protect the device from water splashes.

The device isn’t shockproof though, so think twice before dropping this one on the ground.

This Bluetooth speaker lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge before dying out.

This may vary according to the volume levels but from testing, it lasted for about 12.5 hours at 75% volume.

Sony has cut the cost of the device by compromising the built quality of the device.

The overall fit and finish of the materials used are not up to the mark as some of the other models from Sony.

Also, there isn’t a wall adapter coming with this device so you have to either find one or charge from a USB 2.0 outlet from any other device.

Great bass
Compact design
Battery life
Not shockproof
Build quality not up to the mark


Frequency 20 – 20000 Hz
Driver Size46 mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery LifeUp to 16 Hours

2. JBL Clip 2

Runner-Up Pick
Runner-Up Pick
  • Best for use in outdoor sports activities
  • Can sync multiple clip 2 speakers
  • Suited for outdoor camping sessions

JBL Clip 2 is the successor to the popular Clip+ adventure based portable Bluetooth speaker.

The Clip 2 has improved upon its predecessor with better build quality as well as an improved speaker.

The JBL Clip 2 comes with an interesting design that makes it stand out from the “blocky form factor” speakers.

The Clip 2 has a circular design made of plastic wrapped with silicon coating for better grip and handling.

The front side of this wireless Bluetooth speaker has a rugged fabric material that will keep water or splashes at bay.

There is also a carabiner clip on this device to attach this speaker on to your bag or fabric without falling apart while doing any adventure activities.

This device has a 40mm speaker driver that spans over a frequency range of 120 – 20,000Hz.

The bass although a bit on the lower side, is more of a quality kind than the quantity.

The mids are clear and pronounced and highs are crisp without distortion.

You can also connect two Clip 2 speakers and have an even louder output with distinct bass levels when camping or during other group sessions.

This portable Bluetooth comes with IPX7 certification that will let you intentionally ( or not! ) submerge this device in water.

There is also an option to attend calls with this device.

The inbuilt mic picks up the voice very well even in noisy environments and the speakerphone is loud and clear.

The JBL Clip2 comes with a 730mAh Lithium-ion battery that will last you for about 8 hours.

The charging time of this battery from empty to cent percent is about 2 hours.

The only problem with this device is that it has no Battery level indicator of any sort.

Be it a LED display or at least even a LED indicator – this device features none.

So, if your party gets interrupted suddenly, don’t get surprised!

Barring this jinx, the JBL Clip 2 is one the best portable speakers under Rs. 3,000.

Rugged waterproof IPX7 rated design
Quality bass
Speakerphone functionality works well
No battery level indicator


Frequency 120 – 20000Hz
Driver Size40 mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery Life8 Hours

3. Noise Mate

Best Value For Money Pick
Best Value For Money Pick
  • All in one Bluetooth speaker
  • Best for indoor use
  • No dedicated app to control the settings

Noise is an Indian company specializing in affordable gadgets ranging from smartwatches to action cameras.

The company has been releasing quality products rich in features recently that gives its competitors a run for their money.

The Noise mate offers the best value for money features for a portable Bluetooth speaker under Rs. 3,000.

Noise mate has a plasticky construction with control buttons placed on top and a large LED display up front showing the time, temperature and humidity levels.

The bottom side of this device is covered with a grip rubber that will prevent the speaker from rumbling around when placed on a smooth surface.

At the back of this device is an aux input jack, a micro USB as well as SD card slot.

This wireless speaker comes with two 5W speakers with a driver size of 40mm placed on either side.

The frequency response of these speakers ranges from 24 – 24800Hz.

A higher impedance rate of 9 slightly deteriorates the quality of sound output from this device.

Although the highs are crisp and clear, the lows and mids could have been better.

The device gets sufficiently loud enough to fill a small room.

The display on the front has three brightness settings and even an option to turn off completely to save your sound sleep.

The alarm on this device can get pretty loud, thanks to the twin speakers and can wake you up from even a concussion, if we may say (sarcastically, of course).

The SD card slot at the back can be used to convert this speaker into an independent media player.

Also, the FM Radio comes in handy when you are bored with your playlist and want a surprise random song to be listening to.

The Noise mate comes with a built-in rechargeable 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery that will last for about 4 hours.

If you turn off the display completely, the battery backup should see a slight increase.

The Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity poses no stress on the battery whatsoever.

Even with a large display on the front, Noise forgot to add a battery percent indicator which is a bit of shame.

Also, adding to the list of shortcomings, this device doesn’t have an app to control it with.

You would have to cycle through the switches at the top manually to get going.

FM Radio, alarm
Weather display
Loud sound
Bass is average
No battery percent indicator
Battery life is just average


Frequency 24 – 24800Hz
Driver Size40 mm
Impedance9 ohms
Battery Life4 Hours

4. Intex Muzyk B30

Best Build Quality
Best Build Quality
  • Fit for rough handling
  • Suited for listening EDMs
  • Perfect for large-sized halls

The Intex Muzyk B30 is the successor to its budget Bluetooth speaker siblings the Muzyk B10 and Muzyk B20.

Apart from the major design change, there are a few features that make this device an improvement over the other two products in the lineup.

First things first, this wireless speaker priced under Rs.3,000 has a cylindrical design. It has two 10W satellite speakers that output loud and clean music even at higher volume levels.

The air vent given at the centre doubles up as a holding point with which you can carry around this speakers without blocking the music.

The whole construction is of plastic and feels really sturdy. The mesh finish across the chassis gives it a classy look.

With the driver size being 50mm and the cylindrical design of speakers, the bass is rich. You can listen to EDMs with this speaker without compromising on the quality.

Apart from the Bluetooth playback functionality, there’s the usual set of functionalities such as USB slot and FM radio tuner.

This wireless speaker is powered by Bluetooth v4.0 and is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

Powered by a 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery inside, this speaker lasts for about 4 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge.

Given the size of the speakers and the loud sound output, this battery life is perfectly OK, we’d say.

Another unique feature of this speaker is the intelligent power saving mode. The device automatically turns off if it senses no music playback for 15 minutes.

If you are in search of a well built Bluetooth speaker that delivers excellent sound quality for the price at which is offered along with great features and good sound output, the Intex Muzyk B30 is one of the best in the business.


Attractive design


Excellent sound output with rich bass


Power saving mode


Battery life could have been better


Frequency 20 – 20000Hz
Driver Size50 mm
Impedance3 ohms
Battery Life4-5 Hours

5. boAt stone 700

Best Outdoor Speaker
Best Outdoor Speaker
  • Best companion for outdoor trips
  • Shockproof build
  • Loud sound output

boAt is a brand famous for its sound related accessories such as headphones and earphones.

The boAt Stone 700 is an improved version of company’s previous Stone series model, the Stone 600.

Built quality is one of the key aspects of this portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a very rugged design language that almost resembles the tagline “built like a tank”.

The outer layer of the device is made of toughened fibre that feels almost impenetrable to any damage. The plastic mesh given on the sides is protected by a metal grill.

Although the design looks chunky, this Bluetooth speaker is worth the chunkiness when its durability is considered.

Powered by a speaker with a driver size of 35mm with a frequency response that ranges between 95 – 18000 Hz, the boAt Stone 700 provides excellent bass with clean lows and mids. The speaker gets loud enough to be used even in noisy environments.

Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity ensures that the power consumption for the wireless connectivity with other devices consumes less power.

This device is IPX6 certified meaning it is shockproof as well as protected from powerful water jets. The ports on the device are sealed by tough plastic flaps to block the water from getting in.

The battery on this speaker lasts for about 8 hours on a single charge – nothing too impressive but not bad either.

Ruggedness is the main USP of this device and it dutifully sticks to this with the build and design.


Great bass


Rugged design


IPX6 certified


Bulky and heavy


Average battery life considering the size of the device


Frequency 40- 20000Hz
Driver Size40 mm
Impedance3 ohms
Battery LifeUp to 8 Hours

6. Philips IN-BT4200A/94

Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
  • Best for indoor use
  • Reliable brand
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity

Philips makes some of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market. With the Philips IN-BT4200A/94, the company has a futuristic looking product that delivers well on sound as well as features.

The Philips IN-BT4200A/94 has a clamshell-like design which is unique from the rest of the boxy and cylindrical Bluetooth speakers available in the market.

Powered by Bluetooth v4.0, this device features two 35mm speaker driver units that deliver good quality audio across the spectrum, be it bass-heavy or treble-heavy music.

There is no noticeable sound distortion even when the music is played at maximum levels continuously for longer period of time.

The construction of this wireless speaker is entirely from high-grade plastics. The front grill which covers the speaker is made of metal which feels sturdy and durable.

Due to the unique design of this Bluetooth speaker, the dual speakers are facing towards the listener. This lets the music to reach our ears directly without any obstruction.

The sound output is loud and clear even when placed in big enough rooms and halls.

The three control buttons placed on the top of the chassis are tactile and feel clicky. There is an LED status indicator for battery indication and Bluetooth connection status.

The Bluetooth connection on this speaker is really easy to set up as it pairs with the ‘sink’ device effortlessly. There isn’t any abrupt connection loss while moving around with either the source or the sink.

The hands-free voice calling functionality is embedded on this speaker. Unfortunately, the quality of voice calls through the speakers seemed pretty average.

One of the other drawbacks we noticed was that there aren’t any USB ports for plug and play on this speaker.

The Li-Polymer battery powering this wireless speaker lasted for a decent 6 hours while playing music continuously at 75% volume.

If you don’t mind the absence of a USB port to plug in your thumb drives, the Philips IN-BT4200A/94 is a good choice for indoor music listening.


Unique design and form factor


Loud sound output


Decent bass


Average voice call quality


No USB port


Frequency 70 – 20000Hz
Driver Size35 mm
Impedance4 ohms
Battery LifeUp to 6 Hours

The list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 3,000 is here. Have you made up your mind? If yes, thank God we’re in the same boat. If not, you may find your favourite Bluetooth speaker here.

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