Best Keyboards Under Rs.2,000

by | Aug 21, 2018

If you use a laptop or desktop, you’ll admit that keyboard is one of the main components that determine the ease of use of the system.

Many a time, a built-in keyboard on your laptop or the one you got with your desktop might not make the cut for the best experience.

Thus we decided to write an article about the best keyboards available on the market under Rs,2000. In this list, we’ve included products from a wide spectrum of the budget that will cater to gamers, casual users and travellers alike.

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Best Keyboards Under Rs.2,000

1. Logitech MK215 WirelessOverall Best Pick
2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-07 AuroraBest Gaming Keyboard
3. Reconntech UltrathinCompact and Light Weight Keyboard
4. Dell KB216One-Year Replacement Warranty
5. Intex CoronaBest Cheap Rugged Keyboard

1. Logitech MK215 Wireless

Best Keyboards in india under Rs.2000-Overall Best Pick
Overall Best Pick
  • Easy to type keys
  • Minimal sound while pressing keys
  • High precision optical mouse

Logitech is a well familiar brand in India, thanks to their low-cost computer mouse and headphones.

With the MK215 keyboard, Logitech has a strong contender in the budget keyboard market as well.

Compact, yet full-sized keyboard…

The MK215 keyboard has all the keys you would expect to find on a regular keyboard. But with a 35% smaller design form factor.

The clever ergonomic design leaves decent enough space between the keys so that your typing experience doesn’t become a tedious affair.

On the right side of this keyboard, there is virtually no bezels. It just ends with the number pad keys.

The key travel distance is excellent and offers great feedback when pressed.

The only gripe we face was the keys on the bottom part is curved. It makes pressing those keys a bit difficult.

The arrow keys are too small and hard to find when in a hurry.

No more cluttered wires – It’s wireless!

Logitech uses 2.4GHz wireless technology to connect the keyboard with the wireless receiver.

The connection is very stable and we didn’t face any issue regarding connection drop even once during our testing.

The laptop is powered by two AAA batteries. These cells have to purchased separately though.

With a promised two-years battery life, we expect at least over a year of usage on a minimum.

Encryption, combo mouse and much more…

The connection between the keyboard and the receiver is encrypted using a 128-bit AES security protocol.

So you don’t have to worry about the keystrokes being monitored by a malicious hacker in the vicinity.

The MK215 keyboard from Logitech comes bundled with a wireless mouse as well.

This mouse packs in high precision optical tracking which increasing the click accuracy and precision.

There are media keys on this keyboard that will let you control volume, tracks and even mute your music or sound on a single click.

Also, the sound when pressing the keys is minimal so you won’t get distracted when typing and listening to your favourite songs or shows.

End words…

For a budget of just under Rs.1,200, the Logitech MK215 wireless keyboard with the mouse is an awesome product bundle worth owning.

The comfortable keyboard with an excellent signal reception and battery life in itself is well worth the asking price. Having a wireless mouse with this is an added bonus.


Mouse + Keyboard combo


Excellent key travel


Compact form factor


Curved bottom keys


Small arrow keys


Num Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureNo
warranty1 year
Media ControlsYes

2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-07 Aurora

Best Keyboards in india under Rs.2000-Best Gaming Keyboard
Best Gaming Keyboard
  • Excellent keystroke response
  • Durable build quality
  • 4-stage LED illumination

Cosmic Byte is a budget gaming peripheral manufacturer in India that has seen some success with their cheap gaming mouses and headphones that offer more features than any other brands out there at the similar price.

The GK-07 Aurora is a mechanical gaming keyboard from Cosmic Byte with a lot of features such as the anti-ghosting technology that was once seen only with expensive models.

 Rugged, colourful keyboard…

At the first look, we’d get confused with this keyboard. It looks similar to any other normal keyboard we have seen in the market.

The injection moulded plastic chassis exudes a sense of durability. The plastics used are of high quality and there is no flex anywhere on the chassis.

There are 104 keys in total on this mechanical keyboard. The responsiveness these keys offer are outstanding and will greatly aid you in a better gameplay for sure.

Having colourful LED lights is a norm for gaming peripherals.

This gaming keyboard does feature the same. With a five-colour LED combination and four step lighting control, this product looks as dope as it can get.

 Comfortable keys aids in precise clicks…

In gaming, a millisecond delay in a keystroke will cost you dear.

Understanding this Cosmic byte has improved their previous designs and injection moulded double shot keycaps that will ensure that your presses are accurately registered.

There are eight multimedia keys on this keyboard for controlling media in an instant.

The GK-07 gaming keyboard features anti-ghosting technology that many of the modern day budget gaming keyboards lack.

What is anti-ghosting?

In most of the games, there will be more than one key binding for performing a specific task.

But on those keyboards without this anti-ghosting feature, the keyboard ignores these multiple key presses as it can’t process the same.

With eth GK-07, you can now bind multiple keys at once and click to achieve the function that you intended to perform during the gameplay without any hassle.

Compatibility and the extra notes…

The Cosmic Byte GK-07 is a plug and play device. This means that you don’t have to install any additional drivers to get this keyboard up and running on your system.

The device will automatically start working as Windows will detect the product without any issues.

Also, no matter what OS you run, this keyboard will support it.

This is a wired gaming laptop as you would have already known.

The braided nylon wire is extremely tough and can withstand much of your abuses without hampering the usability of this keyboard.

Final verdict…

If you’re looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard for around Rs.2000, the Cosmic Byte GK-07 is the best product that you can avail in the market at present.

With premium features like anti-ghosting technology embedded into durable and tough full-sized keyboard chassis, this product does offer one of the best bang for buck value proposition.


Mechanical keyboard


4 stage LED lighting


Anti-ghosting feature


Feels bulky and heavy


Num pad Yes
Backlit FeatureYes
Warranty1 year
Sedia ControlsYes

3. Reconntech Ultrathin

Best Keyboards in india under RS.2000-Compact and light weight keyboard
Compact and Light Weight Keyboard
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Easy to carry around
  • Stellar battery life

Reconntech has a very interesting product in the market with its Ultrathin compact keyboard.

This is a wireless keyboard that is very lightweight and portable making it your perfect companion on long trips to enhance the productivity on the go.

Resembling Apple keyboard!!!

Let’s admit it. The Reconntech Ultrathin keyboard has an uncanny resemblance toward the one from Apple.

The colours, keys and the overall layout is very much reminiscent of the same.

With a horizontal length of just 284mm and a thickness of 6mm, this is one of the best portables and lightweight keyboard available in the market under Rs.1000.

The keys feel soft to touch and have an angled scissor design mechanism inside.

The key travel distance is a bit on the lesser side but definitely acceptable for the asking price.

In case you don’t like typing on a flatly laid out laptop, this product comes with a support stand that will let you use the keyboard at a much comfortable keyboard.

Wireless operation…

This keyboard comes with a wireless 2.4GHz connection that’s very much stable with no interference from other electronic devices.

This keyboard is powered by 2AAA size batteries and the battery life will easily last over 10 months without swapping.

The company has provided a power on/off button on the bottom side so that you can switch off the keyboard when not in use to save the battery.

Versatile product…

Being a compact and lightweight keyboard, it can be used with your smartphone, laptop, tablet and such.

Mobile phones got more processing power but are stuck with the on-screen keyboard which might feel cumbersome for many to type on.

This keyboard makes it easy to type and will save a lot of time for the same.

Same is the case with tablets. Having a hardware keyboard is unmatchable with on-screen keyboards.

Editing documents of reply to emails on the go from this keyboard is a delightful experience.

Portability is a bliss…

This product is so lightweight and compact that carrying it inside a backpack takes a very little space.

It can be taken along in your trips for enhancing the overall productivity while you’re on the go.

Mechanical keyboards are much faster than their onscreen counterparts and this makes them an ideal choice to invest your hard earned money.

Yes or No?

If you are a frequent traveller and has the knack for hardware keyboards, this might be your best bet.

Carrying this keyboard around is a breeze and with the additional benefit of time savings when engaged in typing makes this product worth paying you attention for.

It works with possibly every device out there irrespective of its form factor or operating system.




Apple keyboard design


Wireless operation


No keyboard backlighting


Num pad No
Backlit featureNo
Warranty1 year
Media ControlsYes

4. Dell KB216

Best Keyboards in india under Rs.2000-OneYear Replacement Warranty
One-Year Replacement Warranty
  • Easy to use keyboard
  • Suited for desk-centric use
  • Well laid out keys

Dell makes cutting-edge laptops and related peripherals such as mouses that we all know about. The company has its share of offerings in the keyboard segment as well.

The Dell KB216 is a no-frills mechanical keyboard that offers the world-renowned Dell reliability at an attractive price tag.

Straight and simple design…

The design of this keyboard is extremely simple. The company has made no extreme efforts to make this keyboard look attractive or modular.

Dell followed a minimal design language with practicality in mind and it seems the idea has paid off. This keyboard is very pleasant to look at.

The keys on this chiclet-style keyboard are evenly placed and offer decent key travel distance.

The tactile feel of these keys are excellent and we didn’t feel any problem with the responsiveness either.

Build quality is excellent…

Although the entire construction is made of plastic, the keyboard still feels extremely durable and study.

There is no creeks or sound when operating this keyboard.

There are three hot keys on the side of this keyboard for sound controls. Just beside that, the media control buttons are located.

These buttons are specially marked in different colours to make them easily visible.

Everyday home or office use…

The Dell KB216 is a full-sized keyboard with a dedicated number pad on its side.

This full-sized nature allows for a much more comfortable everyday home and office computing uses.

The keys are relatively quiet when pressed which makes this an ideal choice to use in office environments.

One of the USP of this keyboard is that Dell offers a year worth of replacement warranty with this keyboard that no other brand offers in the industry.


Dell KB216 is a desk-centric laptop that is suited for office and home usage.

The full-sized keyboard does offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to dealing with productivity suits like Microsoft excel and word.

With the company providing a year worth of replacement warranty, very little can be said against choosing this keyboard for purchase just around Rs.500.


Good build quality


Full sized keyboard


One year replacement warranty


Multiple key presses won’t work


Num pad Yes
Backlit FeatureNo
Warranty1 year replacement
Media ControlsYes

5. Intex Corona

Best Keyboards in india under Rs.2000-Best Cheap Rugged Keyboardd
 Best Cheap Rugged Keyboard
  • Best for use as a backup keyboard
  • Very affordable
  • Can withstand abuses

Intex is one of the Indian companies that is ruling the budget consumer electronics market at present. The company has its sizeable market in budget smartphones and power banks in the country.

Intex Corona is an entry level keyboard with a traditional design that comes with a single function in mind – a working keyboard under the cheapest price tag.

Design and form factor…

The Intex Corona is a full sized keyboard with traditional key arrangements that you will feel familiar with the past keyboards you’re used to.

It has a full-sized number pad and all the keys that would enable you to type faster and more efficiently.

Since the device is very cheap at around Rs.250, we expected the quality of plastics to be bad.

But surprisingly, the product feels rugged and can withstand abuses and still works fine as before.

 104 clicky keys…

The key travel distance of the keys on this keyboard is a bit excessive in our opinion. This might affect the overall speed of your typing but for the price, this isn’t even a deal for concern.

The keys also make a sound when pressed. If you intend to use this keyboard in a quieter environment, do expect some heads turned towards you.

That said, the keys are well laid out and evenly spaced. The tactility is good and the click responses are decent for the price.

Spill-proof keyboard…

Most of us have the habit of keeping a beverage – be it a cup of coffee or a bottle of water beside our system to refresh at times.

We all have accidentally spilled the beverage/water over the keyboard at least once.

To make things simpler, the company has given a spill-proof design to this budget keyboard so that even if you spill some liquid over the keys, the internals will remain safe.

Should you buy this?

The Intex corona is an entry-level keyboard that can be used as a backup when your primary keyboard fails.

Featuring a spill-proof design and a rugged body, this keyboard can withstand abuses and used roughly without any fear of hampering its functionality.

That said, the Intext corona is a compelling product that costs only a fraction of the price of which other similar keyboards in the market costs.




Spill-proof design


Rugged form factor


No media control keys


Num Pad Yes
Backlit FeatureNo
Warranty1 year
Media ControlsNo

That’s it for today. The list for the best five keyboard priced under Rs.2,000 comes to an end here. If you made it to this line, we are glad you have the patience to go through the article.

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