Best Laptops Under Rs.20,000

by | Aug 29, 2018

Entry-level laptop buyers are in for a treat nowadays.

With budget offerings from established brands such as Asus and HP to feature-packed devices from new entrants, this segment is showing a lot of promise off lately.

If you are planning to purchase one of the best laptops under Rs.20,000 and is clueless on which model to choose, this list will guide you the right way.

Best Laptops Under Rs.20,000

1. Asus A542BA-GQ067TOverall Best Pick
2. HP Imprint 15-BW098AURunner-Up Pick
3. Acer Aspire 3Honorable Mention
4. RDP 1130-ECWBest Value for Money Pick
5. Micromax Canvas LapbookBest Entry Level Pick

1. Asus A542BA-GQ067T

best laptops under 20000
Overall Best Pick
  • Best for casual/academic use
  • USB C port for faster data transfer
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

Asus is a well-known competitor in the Indian market known for its phones as well as its computers and related peripherals.

This Taiwanese manufacturer has been delivering solid products across the spectrum at competent prices for a while now, the Asus A542BA-GQ067T being the latest among the bunch.

We know you’re in search of an entry level laptop either for your casual use or for your kids to enrich their academic learning process and we would wholeheartedly recommend this product to you.

Commendable build quality for the budget

Starting with the build quality, Asus has done a good job with this product.

The textured back panel and the brushed aluminium deck offers a subtle but premium look to this device.

Th trackpad is sufficiently large and has the support for the gesture input.

The keys are little less clicky but for its price, we’d agree this is an acceptable keyboard to type on.

Accelerated Processing Unit is a good performer

We all agree with the fact that the processor is the most important factor in the laptop purchase decision. This device right here features an AMD APU A9 SoC with 3 GHz base clock.

Don’t get confused with the clock and speed jargons, we’ll help you simplify that.

The base clock is the minimum speed at which a processor runs. Higher the base clock, snappier the processor.

A speed of 3GHz is more than sufficient for you to run all your daily casual tasks and then some.

Assisted with a 4GB DDR4 RAM that is expandable upto 16GB, this laptop can run your daily chores with no problems whatsoever.

Rich in connecting – includes a USB port C for the price!

In terms of connectivity features, this thing comes loaded as well.

The Asus A542BA-GQ067T features two USB 3.0 ports and the recent USB C port for ultra fast data transfers.

Anti-glare 15.6-inch display

The 15.6-inch HD display offers decent brightness and acceptable colour and contrast levels.

The anti-glare coating does limit the reflectivity and relieves some stress off your eyes while working on this budget laptop under bright lights.

Now for the students, you do get a full fledged Disk drive for burning or copying content from an optical disk and a 1TB HDD for storing all your files safe and secure.

The downsides worth noting

Well, the AMD APU performs similarly to the Intel 6th generation chipsets which is way too old for the present.


The Asus A542BA is a feature rich package for the price at which it retails. Features like having a USB C port is almost unheard of in this budget segment.

Since faster data transfers is a necessity more than a luxury in these times, Asus has managed to offer something of true value for its customers.

With this budget and considering other features that comes with the laptop, this is our best laptop pick for this list.

RAM can be upgraded up to 16GB
Elegant design and good build quality
1-year onsite warranty
Mediocre viewing angles
Keys are a bit mushy


Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Storage/RAM1 TB
ProcessorAPU Dual Core A9 3GHz
BatteryUp to 5 Hours
Display15.6 inch HD LED Backlit Anti-glare

2. HP Imprint 15-BW098AU

Best mobile phone under RS. 8000 - 10.or E
Runner-Up Pick
  • Brand reliability
  • No frills casual-use laptop
  • Free DOS might a bit of let down

HP is one of the leading manufacturers of laptops in India.

Imprint series is the company’s entry-level lineup with an idea of providing respectable features at an affordable price range.

Imprint 15-BW098AU is one such offering from HP that has the potential to be a true performer in this category.

Respectable dual core AMD chipset

Under the hood, the Imprint 15-BW098AU is powered by an AMD Dual-core E2 processor with a base clock of 1.5GHz that can turbo boost up to 2GHz under heavy loads.

This dual-core processor performs reasonably well with applications that you will use daily.

About other hardware specifications

Imprint 15-BW098AU has a 1TB HDD that will be enough for your data storage needs if you plan to keep them offline in these “cloud” centric era.

A 4GB DDR4 RAM is present with an additional slot that will let you expand the memory up to 16GB in case you are in for some serious multitasking.

One of the best features of this laptop is the inclusion of a disk drive. This will let you play media/data from a CD or DVD.

Although the optical disks are becoming more of a story of past, having this feature is definitely an added bonus.

Large 15.6-inch widescreen display

This device features a 15.6″ HD LED Backlit Brightview Widescreen Display that offers decent viewing angles and colour reproduction.

HP Truevision HD Webcam is present and accounted for that will capture the video in 720p while making video calls to your dear and near ones.

This webcam performs on par with comparatively expensive laptops priced under Rs.30,000.

Operating system and connectivity

One of the main gripe with this device is that it comes with Free DOS meaning you will have to install the operating system of your choice on your own.

Port distribution is good with HP providing two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port and an SD card reader.

Battery life and fast charging

A 4 cell lithium ion battery powers the device that the company promises to provide up to 6 hours of usage on a single charge that is pretty much user subjective.

The inclusion of fast charging feature will let you charge this device quickly.


HP is one of the most recognizable brands in the country when it comes to consumer durables such as laptops and other computer peripherals.

This brand value reflects in the service network of the company across India as well.

The HP Imprint 15 offers you the best of both worlds – build quality and performance under a reasonable budget.

Having customer access points all over the country ensures that if anything unfortunate happens with your device, help is only a phone call away.

Good build quality
Bright display with good viewing angles
Fast charging support
720p Webcam
Average processor
Lower clocked RAM (1866 MHz)


Operating SystemFree DOS
Storage/RAM1 TB
ProcessorAMD APU Dual Core E2 1.5 GHz
BatteryUp to 6 Hours
Display15.6 inch HD LED Backlit BrightView Widescreen

3. Acer Aspire 3

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Honorable Mention
  • Best display in its price segment
  • Comfortable keys to type on
  • Linux based laptop

Acer is a Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer with some impressive products up their sleeve.

The Aspire series has been a runaway success in many of the markets around the globe.

Linux laptop!!

The Acer Aspire 3 A315-21 comes with Linux on board.

It may not be your first choice in terms of an Operating system, but you’re free to switch over to Windows anytime you want.

Powered by AMD APU

Speaking of the internals, this laptop features a dual core AMD APU running at 1.8GHz. On paper, this might seem mediocre, but the chipset performs surprisingly well for the price.

With the 4GB DDR4 RAM, casual internet browsing and document editing can go hand in hand without any lags.

If you want to do some serious multitasking, we’d at least recommend a laptop priced under Rs.30,000 for acceptable performance.

Having said that, you can expand the RAM module on this laptop up to 12GB.

The accompanied 1TB HDD is more than enough to save your files offline.

Good display and probably the best in class!

The 15.6-inch HD TFT display is surprisingly brighter and offers pretty good visuals across the colour spectrum.

Acer has done a good job in choosing a good monitor for this laptop at such a low price tag.

Acer has incorporated a blue light filter technology on its display panels to reduce the strain on your eyes after a long working session.

The filter will stop the display from emitting blue light, thereby providing a cool display that ensures relaxed eyes and easy sleep as proved from various scientific studies.

Comfortable and sturdy keyboard

When it comes to keyboard, budget laptops doesn’t care much. But with the Aspire 3, Acer has certainly provided the best keyboard that feels easy to type on.

The keys are laid out with sufficient spaces in between them and has a clicky feel to it. This aids in faster typing speeds with less mistakes.


One of the small quirks you’ve to live with is the inclusion of a single USB 3.0 port.

With all the similarly priced models coming with at least 2 USB 3.0, this is a bit of a letdown.

Final thoughts

The Acer Aspire 3 A315-21 is a capable entry-level laptop with a good display and acceptable performance for the price at which it is offered at.

If you are after a laptop that is well built and gives you a sense of durability this is it.

It comes with Linux preinstalled but with a certain amount of limited expertise you can easily switch over to Windows if you ain’t ready for Linux yet.

Solid build quality
Tactile keys
Excellent Wi-Fi reception
Average processor
Only 1 USB 3.0 port
No disk drive


Operating SystemLinux
Storage/RAM1 TB
ProcessorAPU Dual Core E2 1.8GHz
BatteryUp to 5 Hours
Display15.6 inch HD LED Backlit TFT

4. RDP 1130-ECW

Best Value For Money Pick
Best Value for Money Pick
  • Suited for lower primary classes
  • Easy to carry around
  • Long lasting battery

RDP is an Indian company that has been active in the market with its products such as tablets and laptops.

These affordable device costs only a fraction of what other manufacturers asks for their products with similar configurations.

A laptop? Or a Netbook!

The RDP 1130-ECW is a thin and light netbook that runs a full fledged Windows OS priced similarly to that of many budget smartphones.

If you’re too low on budget but still is in search of a netbook that your kid can make use for his/her academic purposes, this is the best bet.

Intel Atom inside!!

Running on a less powerful Intel Atom processor clocked at 1.9GHz and coupled with just 2GB of RAM, this little device can be as useful as any of the laptops priced under Rs.20,000 available in the market.

As this budget netbook comes loaded with Windows 10 OS, it can run most of the windows based apps in its full flex.

Apps like MS Word and PowerPoint works pretty well, considering the processor and limited amount of RAM inside.

Remember that this is a netbook and is not capable of heavy multitasking.

You may face certain hiccups but nothing major enough to be dealbreaker.

Spacious 500GB HDD to save and store all your data…

A 500GB HDD lets you store some of the data, if not all on the device.

Most of the similarly priced netbooks come with limited amount of eMMC memory and consumers need to have a secondary backup drive ready to store the excess data, but not with the RDP 1130-ECW.

eMMC stands for embedded Multi-Media Controller. It is basically a flash memory that is found on compact communication devices such as smartphones and tablets. Generally these eMMC are of limited memory sizes.

The IPS display…

The RDP 1130-ECW sports an 11.6″ HD LED Backlit display with good colour and saturation levels.

This display is perfect for viewing video content on YouTube and casual browsing on the go.

Since it is an IPS panel, the viewing angles are excellent even from extreme angles and there is no considerable colour shift to the visuals.

Lightweight, compact and comes with excellent battery life…

Since it’s lightweight and compact, students can carry it around in their regular school bags easily.

Windows 10 is preinstalled and users can use the device right out of the box without having the need for setting up anything else.

What is impressive to us is the battery life of this device.

This netbook can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

This makes it a perfect travel companion.

Final words…

The RDP 1130-ECW is a thin and lightweight carry anywhere netbook that is affordable to most of the consumers.

Featuring a full fledged version of Windows 10 Home, this product will enhance the enjoyable learning experience of your kid to an entirely new level.

Having excellent battery life means the device can be carried in trips to enjoy watching interesting videos as well.

Windows 10 Preinstalled
Very cheap
Limited performance


Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Storage/RAM500 GB
ProcessorIntel Atom Quad core 1.92Ghz
BatteryUp to 10 Hours
Display11.6 inch HD IPS LED Backlit display

5. Micromax Canvas Lapbook

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.7,000
Best Entry Level Pick
  • Best for beginners in the segment
  • Compact enough to be carried anywhere
  • Laptop at a smartphone’s price
We all know Micromax as a cell phone manufacturer.

Before the entry of Chinese handset makers, Micromax was the go to entry-level phone manufacturer for many.

Now that the market is saturated, they have switched the tables and entered the netbook category with Canvas Lapbook offered at a typical smartphone price point.

Intel Atom for low budget netbooks!

Canvas Lapbook is running on an Intel Atom processor at a clock speed of 1.33GHz.

Don’t expect miracles with this chipset as it is not a powerful one of the lot.Lapbook has a 2GB DDR3 RAM that is not expandable.

Faster but limited amount of data storage

A 32GB eMMC lets you store some of the data, if not all on the device.

Be sure you have an external storage source if you plan to use this device as apps and other data can take up space quite quickly.

Small yet vivid display with great colours

This netbook sports an 11.6″ HD LED Backlit display with good colour and saturation levels.

This display is perfect for viewing video content and casual browsing on the go.

Connectivity and OS

Two USB 2.0 ports are present on this device along with an SD card reader for data transfer between the devices.

Windows 10 is preinstalled and users can use the device right out of the box without having the need for setting up anything else.


A VGA webcam is also present for making video calls but the quality is very much questionable.

The battery life of this netbook is advertised as up to 10 hours.


The Micromax Canvas lapbook as the name suggests is an interesting mix of netbook and laptop.

This device retails for the price of budget smartphones in the country and offers much more than a mere smartphone in terms of productivity.

If you are looking for a productivity device under Rs.15,000 that can double up as media center, the lapbook might be the perfect choice for you.

Windows 10 Preinstalled
Very cheap
Limited performance
Limited storage
Webcam quality is mediocre


Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Storage/RAM32 GB eMMC
ProcessorIntel Atom Quad core 1.33Ghz
BatteryUp to 10 Hours
Display11.6 inch  HD LED Backlit display

There you are!

We hope this list will provide you with some insights about the best laptops under Rs.20,000 price range.

We have tried our best to pick the ones we feel best in each category that will help you further narrow down your search for the laptops you’re looking for.

Go ahead and make your mind.

If you don’t mind to spend a few bucks extra for more features, you might want to check out our best laptops under Rs.25,000 list.

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As always, thanks for reading.