Best LED TV Under Rs.40,000

by | Aug 1, 2018

Here we are, today with a curated list of the best LED TVs priced under Rs.40,000 to make your purchase decision a more easier process than ever before.

With a budget of Rs.40,000, you should be looking at LED TVs with a minimum full HD resolution or better, a 4K display.

The prices have come down a lot and with the plethora of brands out there, it’s easy to get confused. But hey, this is dopemobiles and here we do just that for you – select the best among the rest.

We have the Sony KLV-40R352E as the best TV in this budget as it offers possibly the best visual clarity in this price segment. Mind you, it doesn’t come with smart features though.

The Mi LED Smart TV 4 comes trailing with its glorious 55-inch 4K display plus the additional benefit of having smart TV tag along with it.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Read along to find the best LED TVs under Rs.40,000 currently on sale in India.

Best LED TVs Under Rs.40,000

1. Sony KLV-40R352EOverall Best Pick
2. Mi LED Smart TV 4Large Screen TV
3. VU 3SU128Best Budget 4K TV
4. TCL P2 L49P2USBudget 4K TV
5. Sanyo XT-49S8100FSEnergy Efficient TV
6. Sony KLV-32W672EBest Budget Pick
7. LG 43LJ522THonourable Mention

1. Sony KLV-40R352E

Best led TV under 40000 - Sony-101.6cm-40-inch-Full-HD-LED-TV-KLV-40R352E
Overall Best Pick
  • Best for Immersive media experience
  • True to life colours
  • High refresh rate results in less motion blur
Sony was and still is one of the most respectable manufacturers of home appliances out there.

Known for the quality and reliability, Sony has managed to carve out a niche market among those people who first look at the brand and then decide their purchase instead of the other way around.

The Sony KLV-40R352E is the slightly improved version of its younger sibling the KLV-32W672E minus the smart connectivity features.

First thing first – Not a Smart TV!!

Yep, first let us bring you back to the realization that this isn’t a smart TV.

There are no smart connectivity features built-in in this 40-inch LED television from Sony which comes at a premium budget of Rs.40,000.

Awestruck with the display quality..

If you are thinking about buying a TV purely for the stunning visuals, this is the best 40 inch LED TV from Sony priced under Rs.40,000.

The display on this device is a 40-inch full HD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Sony’s proprietary display enhancing technologies are present such as a clear resolution enhancer.

The dynamic back lighting technology will automatically adjust the brightness of this display.

The colours are naturally vivid and the details are very much in there taking the whole TV watching experience to the next level.

A single USB port..

There are two HDMI ports on this device along with a single USB port.

This USB port supports Multi-format play feature that will let you play almost all media content covering a wide range of codec support.

And the additional benefits..

The TV has support for Indian languages built-in so that the operation is hassle-free even if the elder ones in your home isn’t that well versed in English.

The built-in FM tuner lets you listen to the nearby radio stations if you are bored watching the visuals (with this TV, you won’t be for sure).

The dual 5W speakers, despite only with 10W combined RMS sounds decent enough.

Our thoughts!!

If you are in search of the ultimate visual experience that money can fetch you under a budget of Rs.40,000, other competitors on this list doesn’t stand a chance in front of the Sony KLV-40R352E.

However, if you’d like to have the added advantage of smart connectivity features along with this level of display brilliance, there are alternatives in the list itself but to makes things a bit more clear, do check out our Best LED TVs under Rs.50,000 article.

Stunning display
Accurate colour reproduction
Multi-format play with a wide range of codec support
FM radio tuner
Speakers could have been more powerful
No smart features whatsoever


Screen Size40 inch
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate200Hz
PortsHDMI – 2, USB – 1
Speaker2 x 5 W

2. Mi LED Smart TV 4

Best led TV under 40000 - Mi-LED-Smart-TV-4
Large Screen TV
  • Future proof TV
  • Value for money proposition
  • Dual band Wi-Fi support
The Mi LED Smart TV 4 is the flagship LED TV from Xiaomi which was released recently in India.

Stunning design meets excellent build quality..

The build and design of Mi LED Smart TV 4 is in one word – just fantastic.

The near zero bezels on the front resemble their Mi Mix phones.

At the back, a brushed aluminium finish has been provided to improve the aesthetics.

All the electronic components are placed on the bottom chin at the back.

 HDR 10 compliant 4K display!

The display on this device is a 55-inch UHD 4K panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The screen to body ratio of this TV is an impressive 91.43%.

With a contrast ratio of about 6000:1, the colours look good and images and videos feel vibrant.

This is an HDR panel which gives further clarity to the content if the media supports HDR 10.

The display can be viewed without any colour shift up to 178 degrees.

If you are poised to buy an LED TV under Rs.40,000 which has a screen size of 40-inch or more, the Mi smart LED TV 4 would be one of the best bet.

And much more..

It is powered by an Amlogic 64 bit Quad-core processor running at 1.8GHz coupled with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi has included its patch wall UI which aggregates both the online as well as offline content on a single screen.

This television comes with three HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along with AV connectors.

The onboard WiFi on this device supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for faster data speeds.

There is also Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity on this if you wish to hook it up with a wireless headphone or Bluetooth speakers.

And even more..

In terms of speakers, the Mi smart TV 4 has dual speakers with a combined 16W RMS power output.

The sound quality from these speakers is decent but not overwhelmingly positive.

The motion sensing remote control helps in navigating through the UI, a delightful experience.

A big thumbs up!!

The MI LED smart TV 4 is for those who love big screens. If you’d like to experience a near theatrical experience in your living room, this 55-inch 4K TV can provide just that.

Only if you’re ready to go that extra mile securing one in the seconds long flash sale though!!

Great 55-inch UHD 4K display
Extremely modern design
HDR 10 support
Bluetooth 4.0
Meagre 60Hz refresh rate
Sound output is not up to the mark
App support is nascent and some apps don’t even work


Screen Size55 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 8 W

3. VU 3SU128

Best led TV under 40000 - Vu
Best Budget 4K TV
  • Best 4K Android TV
  • Suited for large rooms
  • Great viewing angles
The 3SU128 from Vu is a 43-inch 4K smart LED TV running true Android TV OS based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

This is one of the cheapest 40+ inch 4K UHD LED TV currently on the Indian market priced under Rs.40,000.

Clean and polished..

The company has hit a sweet spot with this product which ticks all the right boxes with grace without any major letdowns.

The design language of this television is nothing extraordinary to write chapters about.

Vu has considered practicality over aesthetic appeal with this model.

The bezels are not thin as we saw on Mi smart LED TV 4 and overall this device lacks the polished look, even though the fit and finish feels good.

Achromatic A+ IPS panel!!

The display on this television is a 43-inch UHD 4K panel with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Being an A+ grade IPS panel, the viewing angles are wide and the visuals look the same when looked even at acute angles.

The brightness levels are great enough to be visible even when placed under direct light.

Although the panel isn’t an HDR one, the bright and dark spots are quite crisp and the details are not bad either.

True Android TV..

This smart TV runs on true Android TV OS based on Android Nougat 7.0.

It comes preloaded with all the Google services such as Google Play games, Google Play store as well as Google Play services.

The app store lets you download your favourite apps from the official channels without worrying about the compatibility issues.

The VU 3SU128 Smart LED TV is powered by an ARM Quad-core processor with 2.5GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

The UI being stock android is fast and responsive and there are no noticeable lags or stutters during the operation .


The TV comes with two remotes – a standard one and a Bluetooth one and you can use any one of them to control the device.

There is a sound bar built into this television which has two 10W speakers that sound loud enough.

The voice output is clear with no distortions even at high volume levels.

Pure Android experience!!

The Vu 43SU128 is the best bet if you would like to do more with your TV. It comes loaded with pure Android TV OS that can access thousands of apps and games on the Playstore.

The 4K IPS display adds to this already awesome package from Vu to guarantee this product a spot in our best list.

43- inch 4K UHD A+ grade IPS panel
True Android TV OS
Built-in soundbar
Voice search
Built-in chromecast
No HDR support
Design seems outdated
60Hz refresh rate


Screen Size43 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 10 W

4. TCL P2 L49P2US

Budget 4K TV
Budget 4K TV
  •  Suited for 4K online streaming
  • Good build quality
  • 4K playback from USB
TCL, the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer has recently released a slew of new LED TVs in to the Indian market in all possible price segments to appease budget conscious Indian consumers.

The TCL P2 L49P2US is a 49 inch LED smart TV that comes with a UHD 4K panel having 60Hz refresh rate.

Build quality and design..

This LED TV from TCL does have the same aesthetics that most of the Chinese brands follows in their models.

The large screen surrounded by not so thin bezels is a trademark feature with such products.

The back side of the TV is flat at the top and towards the bottom it projects out as all the necessary hardware is tucked inside this area.

Since the RJ45 port and others are placed on the back side of this TV, connecting cables when wall mounted is a bit of a mess. However, with the supplied stands, it’s fairly easy to tighten the screw and place it on a flat table.

4 times the resolution of an HD television..

As you’ve already noticed, the TCL P2 L49P2US comes with a 4K screen. This means that you can enjoy 4K content with all the finer details and colors on this 49-inch LED TV.

The colors are vivid and the brightness levels are decent with this television.

However, don’t compare the visual quality with the likes of Sony and LG as the 4K TVs from those brands costs significantly higher than what it costs for the TCL counterpart.

TCL markets this television as an HDR ready compliant device but in reality HDR ready doesn’t make any difference in the perceivable picture quality.

The higher resolution enables you to watch 4K content from streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube which considerably enhances the immersiveness of the visuals.

Smart – Yes, Oversmart – No!

The TCL P2L49P2US comes with rudimentary Android support to say the best. It has popular apps such as Netflix and Youtube to begin with.

This 4K LED TV also features an inbuilt app store to download more applications as well. But the collection of apps is nothing impressive as that of the original play store.

Since most of the Indian TV users use the smart connectivity to browse online streaming services, the lack of a proper app store is not much of an issue, we feel.

Ports and stuff..

This LED TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

You can easily connect your gaming console with this TV without the need of plugging out the existing HDMI connection to the set top box.

Since this is a 4K television, you can play 4K content directly from the USB.

This is of great use as Indian internet has objectionable speeds when it comes to high quality video streaming.

Final thoughts..

The TCL P2 L49P2US is a capable performer when it comes to the decent 4K panel it offers for the price.

If you don’t mind the lack of service centers near you, we find nothing wrong in purchasing this device that offer a 1.5 year warranty compared to the 1 year warranty other brands offer.

Screen mirroring feature
3 HDMI ports
1.5 years warranty
No access to Play store


Screen Size49 inch
Resolution3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 8 W

5. Sanyo XT-49S8100FS

Energy Efficient TV
Energy Efficient TV
  • Best suited for gamers
  • Clean and eye pleasing display
  • Smart connectivity features
Sanyo is a Japanese subsidiary of the famous Panasonic brand. Currently, they are in the market with the budget LED TVs that offer the best bang for buck proposition.

Signature japanese sleek design..

The first thing that you will notice on Sanyo XT-49S8100FS is its narrow bezels around the screen.

They are very thin and it almost feels like the front is covered entirely with the display panel.

The plastic back housing is tough and well-built.There are a number of vents to dissipate the heat out properly.

IPS display – Yay!!

The Sanyo XT-49S8100FS has an IPS grade 49-inch full HD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The viewing angles are excellent on this display. The colours are punchier and visuals are detailed and crisp.

Overall, this television offers excellent picture quality.

When this display is hooked up to an Xbox or a PlayStation, the games run smoothly with great response times and no noticeable frame drops.

Ports aplenty..

There are two USB ports on this device that can be used to view or watch content from a portable storage device.

Additional to these USB ports, there are 3 HDMI ports too.

A SPDIF port is present for connecting your home theater to this device.

Legacy AV ports are also present and accounted for.

There are two 8W speakers on this device that sounds loud and audible even if the device is placed in a large enough room.

Smartness reloaded…

You can either connect this device to the internet with the built-in WiFi or via the ethernet port on this device.

Apps like Youtube and Netflix are preinstalled on this television.

The UI is nice and intuitive to use and there are a plethora of screen modes to choose from.

The remote control has one-touch buttons to access Netflix and Youtube.

The device comes with a pre-installed browser that lets you search or browse the web.

With all these nifty little add-ons this model picks a place in the list of best LED TVs in India under Rs.40,000.

Decision pending??

Sanyo XT-49S8100FS is one of the few televisions priced under Rs.40,000 that performs equally well across different functions.

This LED TV comes with a 4-star BEE rating. It means that watching this television for longer hours won’t blow a hole in your pocket when it comes to the electricity consumption.

This 49-inch LED TV has every bit of feature that a user can expect from a Rs.40,000 TV..

Excellent picture quality
IPS grade display
Can double as a gaming monitor
Clean and intuitive UI
No Bluetooth
Can’t install apps like Hotstar or Amazon Prime video


Screen Size49 inch
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 3, USB – 2
Speaker2 x 8 W

6. Sony KLV-32W672E

Best led TV under 40000-Sony-80.1cm-32-inch-Full-HD-LED-Smart-TV-KLV
Best Budget Pick
  • Impeccable picture clarity for the price
  • Blends seamlessly with the home decor
  • Surprisingly rich sound clarity
Sony was and is still one of the most respectable manufacturers of home appliances out there.

Known for the quality and reliability, Sony has managed to carve out a niche market among those people who first look at the brand and then decide their purchase instead of the other way around.

Build quality – Traditional Sony style!!

The KLV-32W672E is a full HD LED Internet TV from Sony with some great features hidden up its sleeve.

The build quality of this device is exceptional.

The design itself makes sure that the premium feel equates with a stylish yet durable construction.

The U slate plate stand at the center is elegantly designed and hold the TV in place firmly.

If you are a fan of wall mounted TV’s, there are mounting brackets with plates that would fix this TV just like a photo frame.

Display with detailed and colorful visuals..

The display on this device is a 32-inch full HD panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The screen is very bright with accurate colours, thanks to the X-Reality Pro engine.

This panel has a colour gamut of about 96% which is impressive at this price point.

The native refresh rate of this display is 50Hz but Sony’s motion flow technology enhances it to about 200Hz.

Note that this model was our best pick for the best LED TV under Rs.30,000 list.

Internet TV, yeah sort of!

Apart from the display quality, Sony touts this TV as an internet TV.

It has 12 pre-installed apps including Netflix, Youtube as well as photo sharing apps like 500px.

There are dedicated Netflix and Youtube buttons on the remote which can be used for one-touch access to these services.

Ports for all..

Sony hasn’t skimped on the number of ports on this device.

There are 2 HDMI ports for connecting devices like Blu-ray players, set-top boxes etc and 2 USB ports.

There is an RJ 45 port for wired connectivity along with WiFi.

Surprisingly rich sound output!

There are two 8W speakers on this device supplemented with a 14W woofer for rich bass.

The sound output is loud and clear with balanced mids and lows that enhances the overall music listening experience.

The Nays..

The display panel is a semi-gloss one which reflects a lot of light off the screen.

So when placed under bright lights, there might be blind spots on the screen and this may hamper the viewing experience.

Wrapping up..

The KLV-32W672E is a full HD LED Internet TV from Sony with some great features hidden up its sleeve.

It fits perfectly in a medium sized room and provides the same immersive experience that the other expensive Sony LED TVs provide albeit in a smaller display size.

Having internet connectivity also lets you stream shows online directly into this TV, which oddly enough, didn’t found its way to the next higher model from Sony featured in this list.

Great display
The enhanced 200Hz refresh rate for fluid video playback
Loudspeakers with a dedicated woofer
Sleek and stylish modern design
Reflective screen
AV inputs on the back are difficult to access when the unit is wall mounted


Screen Size32 inch
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate200 Hz enhanced
PortsHDMI – 2, USB – 2, RJ45
Speaker2 x 8 W, 1 x 14 W

7. LG 43LJ522T

Honorable Mention
Honourable Mention
  • India specific features
  • Best sound clarity in the segment
  • Easy to navigate UI
LG is the Korean electronics giant with a foothold in every possible home appliance segment.

The company is currently in an OLED race with their counterpart Samsung but hasn’t completely turned off the focus from budget LED TVs either.

The 43LJ522T is a 43-inch LED TV from LG priced under Rs.40,000 for sale in India.

LG signature build quality – delivered!!

The TV as expected from any LED TVs out there in this price range is mostly made of high quality plastic.

The design is minimal and elegant with thin bezels around the display.

The TV rests on two separate plastic stands that come with the box.

If you prefer to mount the television set on the wall, there is provision for that too via the mounting brackets.

Graceful 43-inch full HD display..

The display is 43-inch 1920 x 1080 panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

This panel from LG sports IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology which greatly enhances the viewing angles without any noticeable colour shifts from any angle.

LG’s PMI (Picture Mastering Index) for this television is about 300.

The clarity, colour and contrast are much better and evenly balanced to provide the user with a immersive viewing experience.

Region specific features included..

This device comes with local Indian languages support that will help those with limited English knowledge.

The built-in games will keep your kids engaged when you are busy with your work.

Speakers and ports..

There are two HDMI ports and a USB port on this device.

The dual 10W speakers are certified with Dolby Digital Plus technology and offer virtual surround sound.

The speakers are loud and voice output is crisp and clear.


The 43-inch LG 43LJ522T, despite the lack of smart features at this price range will appeal to those users who love the sharpness and color accuracy.

LG being one of the front runners of display technology in the world offers much better performing displays than other Chinese brands in the market.

Good display
IPS panel with great viewing angles
Indian language support
Built-in games
No smart connectivity features


Screen Size43 inch
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PortsHDMI – 2, USB – 1
Speaker2 x 10 W
A battle for the best as we may call it and the ball is now in your court to pick the best among the best ones we have shortlisted.

Listing TVs based on a budget may seem obnoxious, but for us Indians, the budget is everything.

We hope we have done a good job to cherry pick the best smart LED TVs for you under Rs.40,000 with this curated list.

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Buying Guide: LED TV Under Rs. 40,000

Buying guide for TV under 40000
Buying a TV, that too with a budget close to half a lakh is not child’s play.

Let’s help you with the decision.

This buying guide details about certain things to be taken care of while purchasing a LED TV under Rs.40,000.


This budget would give you a lot of room to negotiate with premium features.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.40,000 comes with the latest technology available in the market at present.

Even the low-end spectrum of the Rs.40,000 budget category offer great products from respectable brands.

2. Display

OLED screens are not yet available in this price bracket.

You will be getting LED panels with most probably edge-back lighting for slim bezels.

Models like Mi LED Smart TV 4 priced at Rs.44,999 comes with a 55-inch 10bit colour depth LED display.

Most of the panels will be IPS ( In-Plane Switching ) technology compatible meaning the viewing angles on these will be wider.

Always look for an IPS panel if available rather than zeroing in on a TV with a conventional LED display.

3. Resolution

Full HD resolution is the minimum you should target while purchasing a LED TV priced under Rs.40,000.

There are multiple models with 4K resolution display at this price.

Some of the new entrants in the market such as Vu and Xiaomi has models like Vu 43SU128 and Mi LED Smart TV 4 with 4K displays priced at Rs.36,999 and Rs.44,999 respectively.

4. Screen size

Theoretically, screen size has to be decided based on the volume of the room it has to be occupied with.

But practically under Rs.40,000, you could get televisions with display sizes ranging from 32-inches to a whopping 55-inches.

The Mi LED Smart TV 4 features a 55-inch display with 4K resolution at a price of Rs.44,999.

If you feel the heat of a premium price but desire a large enough display, there’s the 43-inch VU 43SU128 4K LED TV priced at just Rs.36,999.

5. Contrast ratio

Contrast ratio essentially implies the brightness levels the display can achieve.

An increase in this ratio is desirable as it will let the TV display more vivid and punchier images.

Most of the LED TVs priced under Rs.40,000 will offer decent contrast ratios.

However, having a minimum static ratio of 100000:1 is desirable.

LED TVs such as Mi LED Smart TV 4 has a static contrast ratio of 600000:1 which get the screen much brighter than conventional panels.

6. Refresh rate

This price bracket of Rs.40,000 is where the real variation in refresh rates can be seen on LED TVs.

Under Rs.40,000 there are a few models that provide panels with a true 100Hz refresh rate.

The 43 inch Panasonic TH-43ES480DX  priced at Rs.34,999 features one such 100Hz display.

Brands such as Sony also offers 100Hz display at this price along with their software interpolation to have a 200Hz refresh rate.

7. High Dynamic Range

HDR is a relatively new technology in LED TVs.

HDR dramatically improves the contrast ratio and colour gamut of the displays.

The only LED TV priced under Rs.40,000 featuring the industry-leading HDR10 is the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4.

With the technology being adopted widely, we hope HDR will be featured in more and more devices in the mid-tier price brackets.

8. Connectivity

Most of the TVs priced under Rs.40,000 comes with smart connectivity features.

Wi-Fi is the defacto standard for internet connectivity on these devices along with an RJ 45 ethernet port.

Televisions with 2/3 HDMI ports are the norm and with having USB ports is mandatory.

Some models like Mi Smart TV 4 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

It enables connecting the TV with other Bluetooth enabled wireless devices such as headphones and speakers.

9. Speakers

Acoustics has been sidelined once again in this price range as well.

Most of the LED TVs under Rs.40,000 comes with dual speakers that lack bass with the exception of Sony KLV-32W672E.

This Sony LED TV priced under Rs.40,000 comes with 2 8W tweeters along with a 14W sub woofer.