Best Power Banks in India With Ultimate Buying Guide

by | Sep 11, 2018

Smartphones, cameras and every other electronic accessory are stuffed with features these days.

Although the functionalities have increased, in order to retain a slim profile most of the devices sacrificed on their battery capacity, resulting in the need for an external battery pack.

Hence in this list, we are bringing you the best power banks you can buy in India to juice up your device to sustain a long day’s use.

Best Powerbanks In India 

1. Mi PLM06ZM 2iOverall Best Pick
2. Syska Power Pro 200Runner-Up Pick
3. Rock ITP 106Best Value For Money Pick
4. Pebble PICOBest Compact Powerbank
5. Ambrane P2000Best Multipurpose Powerbank
6. Philips DLP6006BHonorable Mention

1. Mi PLM06ZM 2i

Overall Best Pick
Overall Best Pick
  • Commendable build quality
  • More features for less price
  • 20,000 mAh battery capacity

Xiaomi has been launching electronics products in India right and left in every segment.

The Mi PLM06ZM 2i is the power bank offering from Xiaomi which succeeds its much-praised Mi Power bank 2.

Equipped with a Lithium – Polymer 20,000 mAh battery pack, the Mi 2i has an actual output capacity of around 13,000 mAh.

Hardware and build quality

The outer case is made of anodized aluminium that can withstand a couple of falls without affecting the functionality of the power bank.

This power bank comes with two output ports that support fast charging supplying power up to a rated amperage of 2.4A.


Xiaomi has implemented various measures to protect the internal circuit from surges and overheating of the components.

A 4 LED battery level indicator help you to determine the state of charge on the power bank.

Two-way quick charge support ensures that along with charging your device quicker, the power bank itself can be charged faster from an external power source.


This powerbank comes with a stated capacity of 20000mAh out of which you can use about 13000mAh for charging up your devices.

The Mi 2i takes up to 6.5 hours to fully juice up from empty.

Price is the most interesting aspect of this power bank.

This 20,000 mAh power bank is sold for just under Rs.1500 in India.

The “i” in the model number Mi 2i suggests that the device is Made in India.

Since manufactured locally, the taxes are low and this lets Xiaomi price the power bank very aggressively.


If you just want a 10,000 mAh budget power bank, The Xiaomi Mi PLM09ZM 2i model is a great choice sold under Rs.1,000.


Two-way fast charging


Safer and durable Lithium – Polymer battery


Aggressive pricing


No LED torch


Battery Capacity20000 mAh
Actual Output Capacity13000 mAh
Charging Time6.7 – 10 Hours
 Output Ports2

2. Syska Power Pro 200

Runner-Up Pick
Runner-Up Pick
  • Suited for use during a weekend getaway
  • High-quality Li-Po battery
  • 13000 mAh actual usage capacity

The Syska Power Pro 200 is a 20000 mAh power bank that features a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified Lithium polymer battery inside.

Hardware design and build quality

The outer frame of this power bank is made of high-quality tough plastic.

The rounded corners enhance the aesthetics of the power bank but makes it a bit slippery in hand as well.

There are two USB output ports on this power bank, one with 5V 1A rating and the other with a 5V 2.1A rating.


Even when charging two devices simultaneously there aren’t any abnormal temperature variations with this device.

Inside the chassis, Syska has implemented some protective measures that will enhance the lifespan of this power bank.

Intelligent IC protection feature optimizes the sudden spikes in voltages and smoothens it out before delivering to an external device.

Not only does this increase the lifespan of the powerbank itself, but also results in the safety of the device which is being charged up with the power bank.

We all leave our power banks unused for a long duration and face difficulty in bringing them back to its full potential.

The Syska Power pro 200 has a built-in intelligent hibernation mode that will reduce the standby energy consumption and stay charged for a longer duration without the battery being completely drained out.


Talking about the demerits of this power bank, the bulky design makes it difficult to carry around in pockets.

Also the weight – this things weighs about 406g.


If you want a larger capacity power bank that will keep your devices charged up while you’re off the grid, this product is a great choice worth checking out.


Large 20000mAh capacity


BIS certified Li-Po batteries


Intelligent hibernation mode


Bulky and heavy


No dual 2.1A output


Battery Capacity20000 mAh
Actual Output Capacity~13700 mAh
Charging Time8-10 Hours
Output Ports2

3. Rock ITP 106

HP Spectre x360- Best 2-in-1 Convertible Pick
Best Value for Money
  • Best for long trips
  • Premium features on a budget
  • USB C port for charging

Rock is an Indian power electronics manufacturer that has recently forayed into the power bank market in the country.

The Rock ITP 106 (13000mAh) is a classy product that offers crazy good features at an affordable budget.

Design and build quality

Although priced considerably less than its competitors when the battery capacity is concerned, the company hasn’t cut the corner in terms of build quality.

The rubberized matte finish offers good grip while holding this product in hand.

The rubber coating also protects your devices from scratches when kept inside the bag carelessly along with other devices.

Battery capacity

The 13000 mAh Lithium-ion battery is more than sufficient for you to charge your smartphone up to three times.

This product is advertised to have a conversion rate of about 75% which roughly translates to usable battery capacity around 10000mAh.

Hardware features

There are two USB ports present to charge two devices simultaneously off this power bank.

Along with a micro USB port, a USB C port is present as well so that you can either charge using a C type cable or a normal micro USB charger.


Now let’s discuss the downsides of this product.

First things first, this power bank is heavy. It weighs about 325g which is significantly more than any product on this list.

There isn’t a torchlight on this power bank.

So if you have to use this at night, you’d have to depend upon an external light source.


If you are in search of a budget power bank that offers you some of the premium features, the Rock ITP 106 is the best bet for you.

The addition of a USB C port is very much useful nowadays as most of the newer generation devices including laptops comes with one.


Good packaging


Rubberized finish offers good grip


Overcharge protection




No torch light


Battery Capacity13000 mAh
Actual Output Capacity~10000 mAh
Charging Time7-8 Hours
Output Ports2

4. Pebble PICO

Best Compact Power Bank
Best Compact Powerbank
  • Lightweight and pocketable
  • Intuitive battery percentage indicator
  • Compatible with all devices

The Pebble PICO is a palm-sized micro power bank that comes with a 10,000 mAh battery capacity.


The main USP of this power bank is its compact form factor rather than the large capacity battery inside.

The Pebble PICO is noticeably small enough to be carried even in your shirt pocket.

This device weighs in around 250 g.

Build quality and other hardware features

The external casing of this power bank is made of plastic and boasts of a textured finish. This textured finish gives the device a premium feel.

Up front, this power bank has a battery percentage indicator that actually displays the percentage in numbers which is a much desirable feature that every manufacturer should adopt.

Port selection

At the bottom is where the connectivity ports are located. As usual, there are two USB output ports with 1A and 2.1A at 5V. The power bank gets charged in itself via a micro USB port.

Battery capacity

From the advertised battery capacity of 10000 mAh, ~ 6800 mAh is available for charging up your devices.

For a compact power bank that weight only 250 g, this number is very impressive, to say the least. You can charge your smartphone twice if not less.

Compatibility and surge protection

There is no issue of compatibility with Apple devices as well.

This power banks works across all devices capable of USB charging without any problem.

Despite the compact size, Pebble has made no compromises in surge shield protection.

The company employs a 10-way circuit protection mechanism to save the power bank and connected devices from over as well as under voltage damages.


The Pebble PICO is a pocket sized portable power bank that is very convenient to carry.

Despite its small size and form factor, it carries a 10000mAh battery inside that can charge your smartphone for a minimum of two times.


Compact and lightweight


Excellent size to capacity ratio


Circuit protection measures


Average quality USB charging cable


Battery Capacity10000 mAh
Actual Output Capacity~ 6800 mAh
Charging Time6 Hours
 Output Ports2

5. Ambrane P2000

Best Multipurpose Power Bank
Best Multipurpose Power Bank
  • Can charge multiple devices
  • 1-year warranty
  • Good conversion rate

Ambrane is a popular consurable electronics manufacturer in India concentrating on products such as tablets and smart bands.

The Ambrane P2000 is a 20000mAh jumbo power bank that charge a wide range of devices.

Design and build quality

The Ambrane power bank is no lightweight device. It weighs about 481 grams and has considerable heft to it.

The chassis is made of hard plastic and feels strong and durable. The dual tone colour scheme looks attractive as well.

Battery capacity

The Ambrane P2000 has a 20800mAh battery inside. Out of this 20800mAh battery, what you will get to charge the devices is about 13500mAh.

This is sufficient for charging a mobile phone of 4000mAh battery size to charge thrice.

This powerbank is charged via a micro USB port. It takes about 5-6 hours to charge the battery completely on this device.

Hardware features

This powerbank contains triple output for charging multiple devices at once.

There are two 2.1A/5V outlets for a relative fast charging of your devices and a single 1A/5V charging port for slow charging.

The Ambrane P2000 comes with a LED torch incase you are in need of a flashlight at night.

On the front of a device, there is an LED strip indicating the battery left on the device and it also acts as a charging indicator.


The Ambrane P2000 is a versatile device that will let you charge a multitude of devices such as mouse, bluetooth speaker and smartphones etc simultaneously.

Having three USB ports and a large 20800mAh battery inside, the Ambrane P2000 is a product worth considering for purchase under Rs.2000.


Triple charging ports


LED torch light


Durable hard plastic body


Long charging time




Battery Capacity20800mAh
Actual Output Capacity13500mAh
Charging Time7.5 Hours
Output Ports3

6. Philips DLP6006B

Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
  • Accurate battery percent information
  • Best for emergency use cases at home
  • Lack of fast charging support is a bummer

Philips is a company that requires no introduction. They have been in the electronics industry since time immemorial and has produced some of the finest products in history.

Battery capacity

The Philips DLP6006B is a 11000mAh battery pack that Philips offers at an affordable price bracket.

Inside the DLP6006B is a 11000mAh Lithium-ion battery pack with an actual output capacity advertised around 6550mAh.

The power bank takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery inside from empty to full.

Hardware features

The build quality is great with quality components used for the construction.

The Philips DLP6006B has three output ports rated at 5V/1A.

An LED torch light has been provided to let the power bank to be used as a nightlight.

A LED digital display is present on the power bank visually displaying the state of charge and the remaining battery.

This is much better than looking at a LED indicator and guessing the numbers.


The only gripe with this otherwise well built and feature packed power bank is the 1A output.

There is no fast charging option available and this will make the charging times a lot longer on this power bank compared to its competitors.


However, with the LED display and torchlight feature along with the 11000mAh battery, this power bank definitely scores a place on our list.


LED charge status display


Well built


3 output ports


Only 1A output




Battery Capacity11000 mAh
Actual Output Capacity6550 mAh
Charging Time8 Hours
Output Ports3

This is it! The recommended buyers guide for the best power banks in India ends here.

We’ve carefully curated this list to add at least one product from each category so that this article becomes more useful than ever before.

If you’ve got a budget in mind and don’t want spend past that mark, do check out our list of the best power banks in India under Rs.1000.

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Have a great day ahead! Adios!

Power Bank Buying Guide

These are the key points to keep in mind while buying a power bank.We have analyzed power banks with these key features in mind.

Make sure you compare power banks according to these features.

1. Battery Capacity

When buying a power bank the most important factor to look for is the battery capacity.

Power banks capacity varies from product to product depending on the number of cells in the power bank.

Another key aspect to check is whether the battery cells are Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer.

According to Android Authority writer Matthew Sabatini, Lithium-ion battery and Lithium-Polymer battery do not differ much in performance.

But Lithium-Polymer batteries are very lightweight and have improved safety.So they are more durable against overheating and overcharging.

2. Conversion Rate or Effective Output

Batteries inside the power banks are usually rated at 3.7V.The battery capacity listed by the manufacturer will be based on this rating.

But the USB output from the power bank is rated at 5V.
The actual capacity of the power bank will be based on this rating.

The actual 5V capacity is given by the equation (3.7 x advertised capacity / 5).

Suppose if a manufacturer sells 10000mAh power bank with an advertised conversion rate of 90 %, the actual 5V capacity of that power bank will be ( 3.7 x 10000 /5 ) = 7400mAh.

With the conversion rate of 90%, the actual capacity available to charge devices will be ( 90% of 7400mAh) = 6660mAh.

Always take consideration of the conversion rate the manufacturer advertises to get a rough estimate of the juice that you will be able to extract from the power bank.

3. Number of Output Ports

A power bank may be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously or you may want to charge at a different Ampere according to the device specification.

Some power bank has only 1 output port at 2.1A and some have 2 or 3 ports at 2.1A and 1A.

So before buying your power bank make sure that it has enough output ports satisfying your needs.

4. Design

Look and feel of power banks are also an important aspect.

No one wants to buy an ugly looking power bank that is difficult handle while charging on the go.

Make sure the design of power bank is suitable to fit into your pocket.A good design enhances the experience of handling a power bank.

5. Portability

The sole purpose of buying a power bank is to charge your device when you are traveling and you can’t find a charging point.

Hence portability of your power bank is paramount.An ideal power bank should be lightweight.

It should weigh just around 200gms.

A bulky power bank will be difficult to carry on the go in your pocket. It should fit nicely in your hand.