Best Tablets Under Rs.10,000

by | Sep 13, 2018

Tablets are primarily meant for media consumption on a large screen for those who hate carrying around the bulky laptop around.

In a developing market like India, where most of the people don’t have the capital to invest in a laptop choose the tablet over the former.

As the smartphones got bigger and better, with slim bezels and the new 18:9 aspect ratio, the significance of tablets dropped considerably and the tablet market faces a slump.

Companies stopped introducing new models on the market and opted to strengthen their smartphone lineup.

This best tablet under Rs.10,000 list consists of pretty much-outdated models but is still on sale as there is still a niche market for these products.

We have scoured the interwebs hard for tablets that might pique a interest in you and listed them in this article.

Best Tablets Under Rs.10,000

1. iBall Slide Wings 4GPOverall Best Pick
2. Lenovo Tab 7Runner-Up Pick
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0Best Branded Tab
4. iBall Slide Enzo V8Best Value for Money
5. Micromax Canvas Tab P701+ Honorable Mention

1. iBall Slide Wings 4GP

Best tablet under Rs.10000-Overall Best Pick
 Overall Best Pick
  • Rich cellular connectivity features
  • Long lasting battery
  • Expandable memory
iBall is an Indian company popular for its low cost computer peripherals such as speakers and headphones in the market.

The Wings 4GP is the newest entrant to the Slide series tablet priced slightly higher that other Slide counterparts available currently in the Indian market.

Design and build quality..

The design and form factor remains the same from the former slide series tablets in the market.

When it comes to the tablets, designing something unique is a bit of tedious task as most of the products in the market comes with a tried and tested single form factor.

The plasticky construction is firm and we didn’t noticed any flex on the chassis.

The buttons on the sides that controls the volume and turns the screen on/off are clicky and tactile.

Inside story..

Inside the iBall Slide 4GP is a 1.3GHz ARM Quad core processor that handles everyday tasks like a breeze.

With 2GB RAM assisting the processor, multitasking in possible but if more than two apps are running in the background, you’ll definitely feel the lag.

Out of the box, this tablet comes with 16GB of internal memory which is expandable to 32GB via a micro SD card slot.

Display and connectivity..

This tablet features an 8-inch HD IPS panel that has great viewing angles and decent color reproduction. The brightness levels are a bit on the lower side though.

Connectivity is the main strong point of this tablet. It comes with Wi-Fi and dual sim capability with 4G LTE support.

This is a great deal for those who are looking for a device to stream or browse the internet with high data transfer speeds.

Battery life..

With a massive 4300mAh Li-ion battery inside, this tablet provides the best battery life among other competitors listed in this article.

On a single charge, you can easily get over a day with moderate to heavy usage.


The iBall Slide Wings 4GP is a capable performer with rich connectivity features including the latest LTE technology that will let you enjoy higher data speeds while browsing and downloading from the internet.

With a massive battery inside, this tablet can be used for streaming your favorite media content on a long trip without the fear of battery dying out in the middle.

Large 4300mAh
LTE support
IPS display
Outdated Android OS


Processor1.3 GHz ARM Cortex A53 Quad-core
Storage16 GB up to 32 GB
Camera5 MP rear, 2 MP front
Display8.0-inch HD IPS
SIM SupportDual SIM

2. Lenovo Tab 7

Best tablet under Rs.10000-Runner-Up Pick
Runner-Up Pick
  • Brand reliability
  • Appealing design
  • Runs on comparatively recent software
Lenovo is a Chinese brand that has been popular in the Indian market as well as globally with products that impressed many.

After the acquisition of Motorola, the clout further increased.

Lenovo Tab7 is an Android-powered tablet that the company has released in India.

Refreshing design and a pleasing display..

In the sea of outdated tablets, the Tab7 breathes a fresh life with a comparatively new OS version and design aesthetics.

The Tab 7 comes with 7-inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

This tablet is very compact and lightweight featuring a very slim profile of just 8.8mm.

Technical aspects..

What’s running the show inside is a MediaTek 1.3GHz Quad-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM.

This device comes with 16GB of internal storage that can be further expanded up to 32GB via SD card.

Atleast and at last, Android 7.0!

As a welcome change, this android tablet from Lenovo runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and comes with a slew of new features.

There’s a multi-user mode that can be personalised and accessed individually.

The battery on this device is a 3550mAh Li-ion pack that lasts over a day quite comfortably.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi only connectivity it offers, it takes a lighter toll on the battery than the SIM cards does.


If you don’t mind the lack of a full HD display, the Lenovo Tab 7 is a decent pick for the price.

The brand value and reliability of the brand Lenovo is certainly reassuring for the customers to consider it.

Android Nougat let’s you enjoy many apps in the Play Store that otherwise won’t work with the older version of Android OS.

Good display
Comparatively newer Android version
Battery life
No full HD display


Processor1.3GHz Mediatek 64-Bit Quad Core
Storage16 GB up to 32 GB
Camera5 MP Rear, 2 MP Front
Display6.98-inch 720p HD
SIM SupportSingle SIM

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0

Best tablet under Rs.10000
Best Branded Pick
  • Reliable tablet
  • Best for kids
  • Decent build quality
Samsung is the undeniable champion in the consumer electronics industry with the largest shipping volumes in mobile phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an affordable Android tablet from the company aimed at developing countries like India.

Cheap yet plastic…

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A features plastic construction that feels a bit cheap but at a price of just Rs.9,500 Samsung had to cut some corners obviously.

The textures back help in improving the overall hand grip of this device.

Decent screen but average processor..

This Android tablet sports a 7-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1080x800 pixels. The colours seem fine and the brightness levels are adequate for a tablet of this price.

A Spreadtrum Quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz powers this tablet.

While the performance is not anything that will blow you away, it does handle casual tasks well.

Multitasking does works when you have 2-3 apps open in the background. Anything more is going to take a toll on this processor.

This device comes with a rather usual 1.5GB of RAM and a mere 8GB of internal storage that is expandable up to 200GB, thanks to the dedicated SD card slot.

Camera and miscellaneous stuff..

There is a 5MP rear camera on this device along with a 2MP camera on the front for video calling.

Nothing impressive to write about, the cameras do work as expected.

This Android tablet runs on an outdated Android 5.1 OS.

This tablet has a single SIM slot that lets you add a 4G LTE enables SIM and use this device as a standalone phone with native voice calling.

There is a dedicate kids mode 4.0 option on this tablet to trim down the functionalities, with only apps suitable for kids in action.

This will let your kid engaged in various educational games as well as certain whitelisted websites.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 is the best for you, if you’re in the market for a product from a reliable brand.

Samsung has been in the business for so long that their products has are conceived by the customers with an assurance of quality.

Even if a defect arises with the product unfortunately, the vast service centre network will ease the stress of finding a place to repair.

Brand value
Kids Mode 4.0
Voice calling
Outdates OS version
No full HD display
Mediocre processor


ProcessorSpreadtrum 1.5GHz Quad-core
Storage8GB up to 200GB
Camera5 MP rear, 2 MP front
Display7.0-inch HD
SIM SupportSingle SIM
Battery4000 mAh

4. iBall Slide Enzo V8

Best tablet under 10000
Best Value for Money
  • Best value for money package
  • Good for media consumption
  • Bundled earphones

iBall is an Indian company specializing in computer peripherals.

The company is popular in the market for providing quality products with an affordable price tag.

About the device..

The Slide Enzo V8 is an Android tablet from iBall that features a 7.0-inch display.

The iBall Slide Enzo V8 is designed to impress the users in the first look. The Coyote Brown colour it comes with as standard, imparts a premium feel to the device.

The use of nice quality plastics and a metallic frame around the chassis is a bonus for the price.

Speed and performance

Inside the Slide Enzo V8, what runs the show is an MTK8735M 64-bit Quad-core
processor clocked at 1GHz.

This device comes with a 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage that’s expandable to 32GB via an SD card slot.

Managing the daily tasks is a breeze with most of the commonly used apps running at full speed with no noticeable lags or hiccups in between.

But don’t expect anything stellar while playing modern Android games.

The processor power bottlenecks the performance significantly.

Display and connectivity

This Android tablet priced under Rs.10,000 comes with a 7-inch HD IPS display with good color reproduction and contrast levels.

The images look decently sharper with no noticeable pixelation when viewed from a comfortable eye distance.

The device comes with dual sim 4G+3G support for voice calling and data connectivity as well as Wi-Fi.

This tablet also features Bluetooth 4.0 LE for pairing up with other Bluetooth enabled accessories using minimal power.

A day worth of battery life – Guaranteed!

Powering all this is a 3500mAh Li-ion battery inside.

This battery lasts for about a day and if your use is minimal and the data connectivity is always on Wi-Fi, improvements in battery life are quite noticeable.

Our verdict

First things first, this device runs on a slightly outdated Android 7.0 Nougat OS.

But for the price at which it retails in the market, the iBall Slide Enzo V8 is packed with features and the internals are quite good when compared with its competitors.

If media consumption and casual web browsing with social media networks is your reason for buying a tablet, this tablet will be the most affordable of the bunch.

Build quality
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
OTG support
Underpowered processor


Processor1GHz MTK8735M A53 quad core
Storage16 GB up to 32 GB
Camera5 MP rear, 2 MP front
Display7.0-inch HD IPS
SIM SupportDual SIM

5. Micromax Canvas Tab P701+

Best tablet under Rs.10000
Honorable Mention
  • Best for internet browsing
  • High-speed data connectivity
  • Voice calling
Micromax is an Indian consumer electronics manufacturer who lost the prominence in the market with the influx of Chinese smartphones into the country.

The Canvas Tab P701+ from Micromax is an entry-level Android tablet priced under Rs.10,000.

Decent Non – HD display!

The Canvas Tab comes with a 7.0-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

It’s a capacitive touchscreen with decent viewing angles and offers ample brightness to make the viewing experience in the direct sunlight not much of a problem.

No frill processor that performs adequately..

This Android tablet is powered by a MediaTek MT8735 processor clocked at 1GHz.

Assisting the processor in its operations is 2GB RAM and the internal storage, the device comes with is 16GB which is expandable up to 32GB via a dedicated SD card slot.

Apps run reasonably well on this tablet.

There is no problem whatsoever in carrying out casual tasks such as internet browsing or media consumption.

Since the processor is required to push only fewer pixels on the screen, the apps can run faster.

Camera and connectivity..

This device comes with standard connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and voice calling – thanks to the dual sim slots that support 4G LTE.

The rear camera is of 5MP which can shoot videos as 720p @ 30fps and the front camera is a 2MP shooter for video calls.

The Canvas Android tab is powered by a 3500mAh Li-ion battery that will last for a day on moderate usage.

However, if you tend to use the sim connectivity all the time, this may drop significantly.


Powered by a Mediatek processor inside, the Micromax Canvas Tab P701+ is a good buy for the internal hardware specs that it offers for the price.

The 5MP + 2MP front and rear combination does help you to make decent quality video calls to your dear and near ones.

Apart from the outdated Android OS, we believe this tablet is worth spending the money for casual use.

Dual Sim 4G LTE
Supports 1080p video playback
Display quality is average


ProcessorMediaTek MT8735 1GHz Quad-core
Storage16 GB up to 32 GB
Camera5 MP rear, 2 MP front
Display7.0-inch HD IPS
SIM SupportDual SIM
This is it, guys.

The curated list of the best android tablets under Rs.10,000 is complete.

We agree that these tablets are a bit out touch with the pace technology evolves, but these are the only choices that we think might interest you.

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