Best USB Pen Drives Under Rs.1,000

by | Aug 7, 2018

Many of us already own a pen drive. USB pen drives are best for carrying data around in a small and compact form factor. These days the prices have sharply fallen and the memory capacity has almost doubled.

In this article, we present you the best USB pen drive that money can buy under Rs.1,000 in the Indian market.

We have done a thorough research about the models listed here and conducted various tests to make sure they are worth the asking price.

The one that tops our list is the Sandisk Ultra Fit that comes with a memory capacity of 32GB and features the latest USB 3.1 standard that enables high-speed data transfer.

With this said, let’s jump straight into the article to know more about these products in detail.

Best USB Pen Drives Under Rs.1,000

1. SanDisk Ultra FitOverall Best Pick
2. SanDisk Ultra DualUSB OTG Pendrive
3. HP V150w Best 64 GB Pend Drive
4. Sony MicrovaultBest File Encryption
5. Strontium Ammo Best Rugged Build

1. SanDisk Ultra Fit

Best USB Pen Drives in India - Overall Best Pick
Overall Best Pick
  • High-speed USB3.1 standard
  • SanDisk Secure Access protection
  • 5-year warranty
SanDisk is an American storage medium company that is now a subsidiary of Western Digital. SanDisk has been a prominent player in the countries storage media market with its USB drives and SSDs.

The SanDisk Ultra Fit is a small and compact USB pen drive that comes with the latest USB 3.1 standard for faster data transfer speeds.

Design and build quality…

It seems USB designs and form factor too follows Moore’s law. The size of these storage mediums is getting smaller and smaller day by day while the memory capacity almost double or even triples.

The SanDisk Ultra Fit has a small plastic body with a textured finish that lends it some grip in hand. Wait – this USB pen drive is so small that you won’t even feel that it’s in your hands.

Above the top port, there is a fibreglass insert that can be used to hang this device as your keychain or whatnot.

This darkened fibreglass along with the textured plastic body gives this USB thumb drive a distinctly modern look.

The USB connector has been marked in blue suggesting that it’s indeed a USB3.1 product.

High-speed USB 3.1…

USB 3.1 is the latest standard for storage devices. It is considerably faster than USB 2.0 and almost 50% quicker than the USB3.0 counterpart.

SanDisk Ultra Fit offers up to 130MB/s read speed.

What it means for the end customer is while you try to play a 4K video from this storage drive, without a fast enough read speed your DVD player or TV might find it difficult to display a smooth frame.

This results in degraded experience.

With writing speed that is faster up to 15x times the speed of a USB2.0 device, you can transfer files in a flash from supported devices.

Accompanying software makes life easier…

Sandisk packs in its USB utility software such as the SecureAccess that protects your files with a 128-bit AES encryption.

This is useful when storing your personal files or those work-related documents that require an extra layer of security from the prying eyes.

Backward compatibility – Check!

Being a USB3.1 device, its compatible with devices sporting USB3.0 or even USB2.0 standard ports.

The only gripe is that you won’t be able to get those speeds that you get from a USB3.1 compatible device.

Final impressions…

The SanDisk Ultra Fit is a cute and compact USB pen drive that offers 32GB of storage space for under Rs.1000.

With its ultra speed USB3.1 standard, you can read or write files from/to this drive relatively quickly than many other devices that are featured on this list.

Additional utility software some SanDisk enhances the usability of this USB drive further.

Small and compact
Good build quality
USB3.1 standard
Gets heated after long use


Storage Capacity32 GB
USB TypeUSB 3.1
Body Construction MaterialFiberglass + Plastic
Application SupportYes, SanDisk Memory Zone

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual

Best led TV india - USB OTG Pendrive
USB OTG Pendrive
  • No need for an OTG cable
  • Backward compatible
  • Faster data transfers
SanDisk, as we mentioned earlier, is a major player in the storage segment.

The Ultra Dual is a USB3.0 pen drive that comes with two ports on either side for versatile data transfers into different devices at once.

Light and retractable…

The Ultra Dual sports two different ports on either side.

In Order to expose only one port outside at a time, SanDisk has adopted a retractable design where you can slide the ports out.

The actual pen drive chassis is surrounded by a supporting fibreglass frame.

The retractive mechanism feels solid and we didn’t feel any trouble moving the ports multiple times.

But hey – moving parts risk a failure more often than those with rigid components. So do care when using this device.

USB 3.0 it is!!

This USB pen drive has USB3.0 technology for enhanced read and writes speeds. It can copy files much quicker than a conventional USB2.0 device.

With the micro USB port on the other end being the traditional 2.0 port, expect a slowdown while transferring content onto a third device, normally an OTG enabled smartphone.


Usually, we transfer files to a third device featuring a micro USB port such as the smartphone either by using an OTG cable or by copying the content to the computer and then transferring it to the phone.

With the SanDisk Ultra Dual, you can directly plug into the smartphone and copy files in a flash with the help of inbuilt micro USB port that acts as an OTG host device in itself.

This is of great use for those who don’t have quick access to a computer and still want to transfer content onto their smartphone

SanDisk Memory Zone App…

SanDisk unlike many of the manufacturers offers a host of utility software that improves the functionality of their products.

The SanDisk Memory Zone App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store that lets you manage the storage and also allows one-touch backup of the files from your phone.


SanDisk Ultra Dual is your best bet if you own an OTG enabled smartphone and has no access to a laptop or computer.

File transfer between multiple devices is easy and without any wires.

With 32GB of storage capacity and USB3.0 support, this product is one of the best USB drives priced under Rs.1,000.

USB OTG out of the box
USB3.0 support
Good build quality
Movable parts may face wear and tear over time


Storage Capacity32 GB
USB typeUSB 3.0 – Micro USB
Body Construction materialTransparent Fibreglass
Application SupportYes, SanDisk Memory Zone

3. HP V150w

Best lUSB Pen Drive india - Best Budget Pick
Best 64 GB Pen Drive
  • 64GB storage capacity
  • Really well-built device
  • Attractive design
HP is a consumer electronics conglomerate that is really popular in India with their laptops and printers.

The company also concentrates on accessories such as computer mouses and media storage devices such as pendrives.

Sleek cap-less design…

The HP V150w features a futuristic design that makes it stand out from the rest of the rectangular USB pen drives.

The USB ports slide out from the side by moving the slider up top. This keeps the port safe as well as relatively clean than an exposed port thumb drive.

The build quality is good with high-quality metal housing that protects the internals from shocks and abuses.

There is a keychain holder provided at the tail-end of the pen drive so that it won’t easily get lost.

64GB storage!! But Arghh USB2.0?

With the HP150w USB thumb drive what you get is a whopping 64GB storage capacity on a relatively small and lightweight device.

This is nearly double the amount of memory that other products within similar price range offers at present.

You can store all your files and photos on this little device and still have some space left for more.

What’s the catch?

Obviously, this is a USB2.0 device.

The data transfer speeds will be slow and it will take several minutes for transferring and even hours for filling up the entire device memory.


HP is known for its high quality, durable products in the market. Likewise, this USB pen drive too will last for a lot unless you’re unlucky.

The slider in/out mechanism is smooth and poses no threat to the integrity of the whole design.

With service centres all around the country, even if something bad happens you can repair it under warranty coverage for up to 5 years.

Yes or No?

If you don’t mind the data transfer speeds and is all in for that 64GB storage space, this is the best USB pen drive you can get for the price.

It is suitable for storing backups and OS images for installation and booting purposes.

High capacity pen drive
Reliable in operations
5-year warranty
USB2.0 has slow transfer speeds


Storage Capacity64 GB
USB TypeUSB 2.0
Body Construction MaterialMetal
Application SupportYes

4. Sony Microvault

Best File Encryption
Best File Encryption
  • Best for storing sensitive content
  • Intensive File recovery options
  • Budget 32GB USB drive
Sony has its wings spread across a large spectrum of consumer electronics.

Ranging from LED TVs to earphones to storage media devices, the company is really renowned for the quality for the premium you pay for.

Build quality – OK for the price!

The Sony Microvault is a 32GB USB pen drive that has a plastic construction.

The outer casing feels tough and durable and won’t easily break even if it falls on the ground from a reasonable height.

The retractable port has a textured button slider on the top. After a few days, the slider button felt a bit loose, but that didn’t hamper the usability of the product.

The textured plastic feels a bit nicer to hold and the smallholder where lanyard or keychain can be tied in to is a welcome addition.

32 GB capacity, 31 GB to be precise…

The microvault series USB pen drives from Sony comes in different storage capacities ranging from 8GB up to 128GB.

Even though the memory capacity is designated as 32GB, leaving the space for the hidden firmware inside, you’ll get around 31GB of free space to store your files.

This pen drive has USB2.0 technology, so expect some slow performance in due course.

However, for the price at which this product is on sale, the data transfer speed is OK, we’d say.

Sony file rescue software…

Worried that your precious data has been lost from the pen drive?

Fear not.

Sony File rescue software can now dig out the lost video, audio as well as document files of different formats.

This file rescue software works best only with Sony USB drives and memory cards.

This is the best pen drive under Rs.1,000 with inbuilt file encryption and file recovery features.

Additionally, Sony also provides the Easy lock software that protects your confidential files with a 256-bit AES encryption.

Should you buy it?

If you are a Sony fanboy, you should probably.

Also, if you use the pen drive to store sensitive information that shouldn’t be lost or stolen by any software means, this USB thumb drive offers one of the most comprehensive protection and data recovery options available in the market at present under Rs.1,000.

Brand value
256-bit strong encryption
USB2.0 is slow


Storage Capacity32 GB
USB TypeUSB 2.0
Body Construction Materialplastic
Application SupportYes, Sony Easy Lock

5. Strontium Ammo

Best Rugged Build
Best Rugged Build
  • Easy to carry around
  • Can withstand falls
  • High-quality flash memory
Strontium has been in the memory card business so long and is really popular in marketing affordable memory cards for smartphones and cameras.

The Strontium Ammo is a 32GB USB2.0 USB pen drive that features a rugged metallic build which makes it suitable for rough use.

Rugged and durable design…

The Strontium ammo looks and feels sleek. The metallic chassis with a keychain holder makes it suitable to clip it with your backpack or keys.

The keychain holder is metallic as well and is really well made.

The embossed Strontium logo on the metallic chassis imparts a shiny and premium feel.

In short, compactness and sturdiness combined in an attractive form-factor are what we can say about the design of the USB pen drive.

Performance and compatibility…

Strontium, in general, uses high-quality flash memory modules in their products.

This makes them perform faster when compared with some other USB2.0 devices priced similarly.

All USB devices are inter-compatible with different devices following different USB standards.

If you plug this USB2.0 drive into USB3.0 port, it will still work as intended.

The only difference will be the data transfer speeds and nothing can be done to improve the speed as it is a hardware related feature.

Best aftersale support…

Even though you may not find a service centre for Strontium anywhere near you, the company has hosted a variety of tools for data recovery and memory diagnostic tools on their website which is available free of cost.

USB pen drives are usually less prone to hardware failure than most other electronic devices.

Unless without a voltage surge, the only thing that can break a USB drive is by hardware abuse.

Final words…

The Strontium Ammo is a USB2.0 pen drive with a robust and sleek design enclosed within a sleek form factor that lets you carry your photos and files with ease.

The metallic keychain will make sure that the pen drive doesn’t get lost even when running or moving rapidly amidst the crowd.

Metallic keychain
Decent data transfer speeds
Excellent software support


Storage Capacity32 GB
USB TypeUSB 2.0
Body Construction MaterialMetal
Application SupportNo
Here we conclude the buying suggestions for the five best USB pen drives under Rs.1,000 article.

If you feel we’ve missed any products that should have been on this list do let us know in the comment section below.

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