Best Wireless Earphones Under Rs.2,000

by | Jul 21, 2018

Owning a wireless earphone was an option until Apple came along and abolished the headphone jack. Now owning a wireless Bluetooth earphone has become more of a necessity than just an option.

Since more and more companies are following the Apple path, we decided to chip in with a list of the best five wireless earphones under Rs.2,000 to make your purchase decision easier.

After our research, we have zeroed in on the Chkokko Ergono  as our best pick because of its excellent battery life and well-balanced sound output. Not far behind, the JBL T110 has its own merits to be the second most preferred product on this list.

For the detailed review and to find our other recommendations, jump right in!

Best Wireless Earphones Under Rs.2,000

1. Chkokko ErgonoOverall Best Pick
2. JBL T110BTRunner-Up Pick
3. FREESOLO S8Best pick for Sports Activities
4. FREESOLO 56S-1Best Budget Pick
5. Chkokko Mercury M2Honourable Mention

1. Chkokko Ergono

Overall Best Pick
Overall Best Pick
  • Best for EDM listeners
  • All weather usability
  • High quality carrying case
Chkokko is an Indian company specializing in apparels and consumer electronics items such as earphones and headphones.

The Chkokko Ergono is an IPX7 certified wireless Bluetooth earphone that has been launched in the market for a price of just around Rs.2,000.

Rubbery goodness..

The external fit and finish of this wireless earphone is excellent. The rubberized texture makes it scratch resistant and offers a grip while holding.

The Ergono Bluetooth earphone comes with angled ear holders that will keep the earpiece in place even when you’re walking or running fast.

The grippy earbuds also makes sure that the earpiece won’t slide out of your ears when you’re performing activities inside the gym or while doing yoga.

Stop worrying about the rains..

The Chkokko Ergono comes with IPX7 certification. You can confidently take this earphone out in the rain and listen to your favourite tracks without the fear of damaging it.

Sound and the speakers..

Sound quality out of the speakers is loud and immersive. The bass is on the higher side and the treble and vocals felt adequate. If you’re into EDMs, the Chkokko Ergono won’t disappoint.

The CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation feature prevents the outside noise to get inside the ear canal, providing you with a pure music listening experience.

This and that..

The box contents are one of the highlights of this budget wireless earphones. This earphone comes inside a hard case that you can use to store this fragile piece of equipment safely. Apart from this, there’s also a fabric pouch that can be used for short-term storage.

The playback controls are located on the right earpiece. There’s a volume rocker and a play/pause button in there. We would have loved to see an option to skip tracks, but sadly it’s missing.

Good things won’t last or do they?

Fortunately, yes. The battery life on the Chkokko Ergono wireless Bluetooth earphone is stellar. This product packs in a 150 mAh battery inside and lasts for about 11-12 hours on a single charge.

It takes about two hours to juice up from zero to 100%. Considering the price and the features, this is one of the top Bluetooth earphones in India providing the best battery life under any budget.

Decision (not) pending..

The Chkokko Ergono Bluetooth earphone is an all-weather companion that delivers on the sound quality as well as the build quality in equal volumes.

If your budget is around Rs.2,000, we are sure that purchasing this wireless earphone won’t be a thing you regret.

Rubberized finish
Loud and clear sound output
Excellent battery life
No option to skip tracks


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
Battery10-12 Hours
Warranty1 year

2. JBL T110BT

Runner-Up Pick
Runner-Up Pick
  • Best for indoor use
  • Trusted brand factor
  • 1-year warranty
JBL is a very popular audio related equipment manufacturer that has won many accolades for its best in class earphones, Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

The T110BT from JBL is a budget wireless Bluetooth earphone that features the widely acclaimed JBL Pure Bass feature for clean and rich bass with zero artificiality.

The simple look and feel..

The JBL T110BT resembles most of the other wireless earphones in the market. There are no gimmicks added to the hardware. Everything works as advertised.
The Flat tangle free wire is comfortable when wrapped around the neck. Also, the earpiece has a magnetic lock feature that will keep them together without dangling around your neck when not in use.

The only gripe we have with the design of this earphone is the length of the cable. It seems a bit too much for our liking.

It sounds like… a typical JBL product..

As the name suggests, the pure bass feature can be felt right from the first song you’re enjoying with this product. The bass is clean and distortion free even at maximum volume.

The vocals are crisp and clear. We tested this product with songs from various genres of music and found that it does justice to the price tag.

However, at times we felt that the treble is a bit weaker. But this may be due to our listening setup and you might not feel it after all.

The Extra features

Even though the JBL T110BT doesn’t have the Active noise cancellation, the snug fit of the earpiece into the ear canal does help it to have some sort of immunity from the outside noise.

Since the inline remote is a separate piece of hardware, the buttons are easily accessible.

The mic on the inline remote is pretty sensitive and picks up our voice easily even when surrounded by background noise.

Battery life..

Since the JBL T110 is very lightweight, the company had to make some compromise with the battery capacity. Luckily, the reduction is not much pronounced.

This wireless earphone has a 120 mAh Li-ion battery inside the inline remote that can be charged via the supplied micro USB cable.

The battery lasts for about 6 hours of music listening with 75% volume levels. This may vary according to the type of music played and the volume levels.

Should you buy it or not?

You should – if you are that person who values brand factor. The sound output from the product is decent and you won’t notice much difference from our best pick product, the Chkokko Ergono.

If you don’t mind the average battery life at the expense of a lightweight wireless Bluetooth earphone, this is one of the best choices out there.

Magnetic cable management
Pure bass
Brand value
Average battery life
Long cable


Bluetooth Versionv4.0
Builtin MicrophoneYes
BatteryUp to 6 Hours
Warranty1 year


Best Pick for Sports Activitis
Best pick for Sports Activities
  • Splash and sweatproof
  • Tangle-free flat style connecting cable
  • Excellent voice call clarity
FREESOLO has been active in the earphone segment for a while now in the Indian market where buyers tend to have an affinity towards affordable products.

The FREESOLO S8 is categorized as a wireless Bluetooth sports earphone mainly because of its lightweight design and sweatproof form factor.

Simple yet elegant design

The design aspect of this wireless earphone isn’t much to say detailed about. The simple yet elegant form factor felt really pleasing to our eyes at the first look.

The metallic body and the earbuds with a red accent makes it look even more stylish and aesthetically attractive. The flat style cables are of apt length so that they don’t tangle around your neck unnecessarily.

What about the sound quality?

Since the earpiece is designed in such a manner that it fits exactly into the ear canal, the sound output seems really good.

The loudness levels are adequate so does the tonal balance between the bass and the treble.

One thing to mention in particular about this product is the noise isolation. It works surprisingly well with this earphone while listening to music in loud surroundings.

Sports ready!

Obviously, a question will arise in your mind – what makes this product a wireless sports earphone.

Well for starters, this wireless Bluetooth earphone comes with supporting ear caps that are really comfortable. It helps the earpiece to stay in place during the physical exercises.

The whole design of the earpiece is made to be sweat and splash proof. You don’t have to worry about the sweat after your long workout sessions to damage the sensitive internals.

The Lightweight form factor is yet another reason that makes it a suitable choice for sports-related activities and workout sessions.


The inline remote of this product is of high quality. The keys are tactile and offer very good feedback when pressed.

The mic embedded in this remote picks up the voice without distortions and provides a very pleasant voice calling experience.

What about the battery life?

Due to the thin and lightweight form factor of this wireless earphones, we were skeptical about the battery life of this product at first.

But this device managed to last for about 5-6 hours of music playback on a single charge, which is not at all a bad number considering its weight.

Lightweight and compact
Perfect tonal balance
Metallic earpiece
Sound could have been a bit louder


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
Battery5-6 Hours
Warranty6 Months


Best Budget Pick
Best Budget Pick
  • Best suited for indoor use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Value for money
Freesolo 56S-1 is a budget wireless earphone that is priced just under Rs.1000. Even though the price is affordable, the features that it offers is on par with the pricier competitors in the market.

Design and Aesthetics

This Bluetooth earphone comes with a functionality oriented design that gives importance to the ease of use rather than the design and looks.

The earpieces that fit perfectly with the ear canal is supplemented by ear hooks that will hold them in place while you are engaged in sports activities.

The quality of components used is decent to say the best. The soft silicone material reduces discomfort while wearing this earphone for longer durations.

How well does it sound??

The sound output is great for the price. Although the bass is a bit on the low side, the final output is very much pleasing to the normal ears.


The inline remote of this device is large and bulky as it houses the controls as well as the battery. There is volume rocker and track skipping features integrated on to this remote.

Battery life.. Average?

The battery on this device lasts for about 5-6 hours on a single charge. If you’re using this device only for voice calls, expect this earphone to last for only 3-4 hours.

Final verdict

Summarizing, the Freesolo 56S-1 is an entry-level all-weather wireless earphone that costs significantly less and sound decently good. The splash and sweat proof construction make this budget wireless earphone under 1,000 Rupees suited for fitness freaks who don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive earphones.

Available in attractive colours
Decent quality sound output
Low bass
Build quality is average


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
Battery3 Hours Talktime, 5-6 Hours music playback
Warranty6 Months

5. Chkokko Mercury M2

Honourable Mention
Honourable Mention
  • All weather companion
  • Stylish design
  • 1-year product warranty
We have already discussed the Ergono model from Chkokko in this list as our best pick. The Mercury M2 is another device from the Chkokko that has some compelling features justifying its entry to the list of best wireless Bluetooth earphones under Rs.2,000.

Style meets substance?

The Chkokko Mercury M2 has a design similar to its elder brother, the Ergono. It feels nice on ears and you barely feel the device is there. This is because the earpiece weighs only about 21g in total.

The Chkokko earphones has a color scheme of red and black mixed and matched to give a premium feel. The silicone ear cups are super comfortable and holds the earpiece in place comfortably.

How well does this sound??

With the Bluetooth v4.1 CSR chip inside, this product delivers hi-fidelity sound through the speakers.

The bass levels on this earphone will definitely satiate the soul of an ardent bass fanatic for sure.

The CSR chip inside features the CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation feature built-in.

This also enhances the immersive music listening experience even when you are in the middle of a chaotic environment.

The plus and the minus..

Let’s talk about the positives at first. Chkokko has taken utmost care in designing this wireless earphone to be as durable as possible.

The sensitive circuitry inside and outside the case has been coated with sweat-proof nano coating to prevent damage.

The hydrophobic coating also helped this product to achieve IPX5 certification as well.

The built-in microphone is of decent quality and we didn’t face any trouble while attending voice calls.

The only negative we felt was that the cable is unnecessarily long. This makes certain discomfort while engaged in strenuous activities such as push-ups.

The longevity…

The 100 mAh Li-ion battery on this earphone performed outstandingly on our stress tests. The battery lasted for a good 7-8 hours while playing music continuously at about 60-70% volume.

End notes

The Chkokko Mercury M2 is a great choice for a budget Bluetooth earphone priced under Rs.2,000.

The surprisingly great battery life and the bass rich sound makes it a worthy product for your money.

Battery life is good
IPX5 certified
Rich in bass
Unnecessarily long cable


Bluetooth Versionv4.1
Builtin MicrophoneYes
Battery7-8 Hours
Warranty1 Year
Glad that you read till the end of this article. We really do appreciate your patience.

If you didn’t find the one you were looking for at this budget, don’t forget to check out our best lists of wireless earphones under Rs.3,000. Trust us, it’ll be worth checking out.

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